"The Word of God"

There are those who believe that the Bible
is the "word of God"
And they will fight you on it.
There are those who believe that the Koran
is the "word of God"
And they will fight you on it.
There are those who believe that the Bhavagad Gita 
  is the "word of God"
and they will fight you on it....
etc. etc. etc.

But here's the Truth
None of these are the "word of God"

They are words put down by Men of good heart
and then edited by men who wish to be as Gods
amongst the humans.

There is however a Word of God
It can't be found in any book...
It is actually found in a Silent Place
In the Heart of every person...
In the Heart of every cell
in every single thing.

Those who have truly heard the "Word of God"
are changed forever.
And never into Judgers, or bigots,or haters...

So if it is the Truth you seek
if you seek the "Word of God"
seek it in the most silent place
seek it in your heart...

And if what you hear leads you to Judge others
you are not hearing the Word of God...
But rather the Word of "Evil".

If the word you hear causes you to feel separate from others
It is not the word of God.
It is the word of Evil.

Those who proclaim to serve the "word of God"
yet cast judgment upon their fellow man...
Are not serving the word of God,
But rather the word of Evil.

Most organized religions do not serve God..

Buried within all religious works
you can find a particle of the Truth..
There are some where you can get instruction on how to find 
"The Truth" within every single thing.

But those that proclaim themselves to be,
"The Word of God"
Are probably best avoided if the Truth is what you really seek.
The problem is, most "Seekers" are not looking for Truth
But rather for agreement with their own narrow views.
Bigots seeking to have their bigotry affirmed. 

If your "word of God" creates judgment of your fellow man...
burn it.
If your "word of God" separates you from others..
burn it.
If it tells you that it is the only "word of God"
burn it.
If it has not brought you to extreme Peace...and Joy,
burn it.
If your "word of God"
has not brought you an Unconditional Love of your Fellow Man,
and everything in your world....
It is a Lie. 

Seek the Truth where it really lies...
In your heart.

We are each a Piece of the Sun
only we've hidden that Light from ourselves,
behind Judgment, and dogma....and Fear...
and blame, and bigotry,and anger...and lust, and hate and Greed....
Get rid of these things and you can KNOW God.  

All the rest is just man made stories with little positive purpose,
and even less manifested Good.