Suzy Favor-Hamilton admitted yesterday that she had worked as a $600 an hour prostitute in Vegas recently. She had been a very prominent runner for a long time, making three successive Olympic teams, from 1992 to 2000.

Favor had several of the classic signs of being a nice girl: she suffered from bulimia, which tends to be a disease of girls who want to be perfect to please their parents. She mostly choked at the Olympics (nice people tend to get nervous and underperform, sociopaths don't). And she was heart-broken when her brother committed suicide (a sociopath wouldn't care that much; and when young people commit suicide, it is often because they feel they're a disappointment to others, another disease of people from nice families).

Working as a pro does not disqualify Favor, in my opinion, from being a decent person: she was honest about what she did, she didn't rip off any of her clients, and she was evidently gracious with them too.

Favor certainly did nothing to disprove the theory that the most attractive women runners are those who run the 800 and 1500, her two events:

I don't really have much to add to the story, other than sound a note of sympathy. This was basically just an excuse to post her picture.

And maybe add that at $600/hour, she was underpricing herself.