Prison penpals IV

Still searching for a correspondent on My latest findings:

Crystal Lewis (carjacking)

Single, 28 yr. old W/F is a mistress. Seeking submissive correspondents. Very outgoing, open-minded, enjoys music, movies, cooking, traveling and obedience.

Seeking good fun correspondence, also seeking that special someone.
I enjoy sense of humor and laughter as well as non-judgmental open-minded people. 

Made poor choices in the past led to my imprisonment but I yearn and desire a better future and lifestyle. Will you accept me with open arms? I am up for visits and willing to relocate upon release.

Somehow the crime of carjacking seems appropriate for a dominatrix: "Get out of the car now, you sniveling little worm! You don't even deserve to have this nice car! Get out! It's mine now, you piece of garbage! Now kiss my feet before I get in the car!"

I'm not sure exactly what sort of circumstances turn women into doms, but I suspect that they are not dissimilar to those which make a woman feel she is entitled to another's car.

Note to all prospective parents: please don't name your child Crystal (no matter how much you enjoy crystal meth). I've never seen a single Crystal who's turned out well.

Elizabeth Miller (2nd degree murder)

My name is Elizabeth. I have blue eyes, brown hair, 5'3" and weigh 155 lbs. I am a very artistic person who loves to sing, act, draw, dance, to craft work....I'm very kind, caring and have a big heart. I would like to be an international  pastry chef in hopes to own my own bakery. 

I'm open to all types of people. I always get to know someone before I form an opinion. Family is a very port (sic) part of my life...My heart is full of compassion and is very empathetic. I'm very open-minded, optimistic and determined person with lots of goals in life... 

Note that Elizabeth is kind, caring, and has a big heart. On top of that, her heart is full of compassion and she is very empathetic.

Those qualities must have been missing the day she smothered a 2-year-old boy whom she was baby-sitting. Elizabeth held Ashtyn Lynn face down on a couch while he struggled and screamed and slowly died. 

A perfect example of how the worse a person is, the more she talks about how good she is. 

Lavender Perkins

Lavender didn't write any copy for her ad, nor did she list her crime. But if you Google her, you'll find that she stabbed her boyfriend to death four years ago, at age 40. I include her ad because her picture is rather fetching, and will probably get a lot of men excited. 

But they should realize that the picture has a certain professional quality to it that often implies retouching, and the woman portrayed certainly doesn't look 44, Lavender's current age. They should also realize that she was given a 25 year sentence, which means that she won't be out until she's 65 (possibly earlier with parole).

Lavender certainly won't look like that photo when she's 65. The good news is, at that age she is less likely to be the kind of spitfire who will sink a knife into you if you displease her. 

Meghan Powell (burglary/murder)

I have been locked up since I was 16 years old. I was a kid who made terrible decisions that landed me here. I have grown up and have changed from the kid I was, to the woman I am today. I have learned the difference between right and wrong....

I'm currently in college, working on getting a degree through correspondence courses. When I get out my ultimate goal is to get into law, I will be devoted to helping young people.

If I sound like someone you would like to get to know please write and if ot just take from this that if you or someone you know are on a bad path it is very easy to end up here. Any felony, even say for example you know about a burglary, you weren't even there, but someone dies, you get murder. The justice system can be very cruel...

Meghan has such a sweet face, I just had to look her up to find out more about what landed her in jail. It turns out that she and four friends plotted the murder of her own mother. (All of this happened right off Highway 299, which was mentioned in the previous post.) 

She says that she has learned the difference between right and wrong. Did she not know at age 16 that murder is wrong?

She says she's "currently in college." Ahem, she's actually in jail, she's just taking correspondence courses to get a college degree.

Meghan says she wants to "get into law." I assume this means she wants to be a lawyer, since she doesn't really have the kind of background that law enforcement generally looks for.

Funny, the way she says "someone dies." She neither uses the word "kill" nor mentions that the "someone" happened to be her own mother. A minor oversight, I'm sure.

Also, she says that the justice system can be cruel. True enough -- but at least the justice system didn't kill its own mother.

If Meghan and I were to walk down the street together and it was announced that one of us was a murderer, 99 people out of 100 would assume it was me. I should be walking around with her face and she with mine.

Luckily, she won't be walking down any streets until 2020.

Jacquiline Reynolds (2nd degree murder)

I am a young attractive woman who is honest and open about herself. I have long brown hair and green eyes....I'm 5'6" 145 pounds and 32 years old....I love animals and children. I love to learn and explore new things. I am single and have no one special in my life. I have about 3 years left to do and look forward to starting a life beyond prison. 

Feel free to ask me anything you want. I have a void in my life that needs to be filled and I'm also seek to fill a void in someone's life. I'm a very happy, positive person. Please do not mention this ad when responding.

Jacquiline is in jail for having, at age 17, stabbed her mother to death after an argument. (She had planned to kill her father and ex-boyfriend too, but gave up on that plan when she realized how physically demanding it was to stab someone to death.) According to neighbors, both parents were nice and the mother was proud of Jacquiline.

There seems to be a little bit of a contradiction in her second paragraph: she starts out by telling potential penpals to feel free to ask anything they want. But in the last sentence she asks them to not mention the ad when responding. 

Jacquiline also says that she is a "very happy, positive person." At her trial, her lawyer, angling for an insanity defense, said that she suffered from serious depression.

But the most interesting thing about Jacquiline is that she was adopted. It seems that in an awfully high proportion of these cases where a child murders his parents, the child was adopted. (It does make more evolutionary sense that way.) 

Buyer beware.