Prison pen pals VI

A commenter kiddingly asked if I intended to continue this series, and I replied that I was debating whether to continue with the men. I said, "Somehow I find them less intrinsically interesting, I looked at a few and they are for the most part just obvious lowlife animals, with very little subterfuge involved. Somehow it's more surprising -- and therefore interesting -- to find out that a sweet-looking girl is a sociopath. Making that diagnosis for yet another 6', 210 pound male who looks like an out-of-shape MMA fighter and is covered with tattoos and is in jail for robbing a bank seems too obvious. It's far more interesting to figure out that a Bill Clinton or a Newt Gingrich is a sociopath, because that's unexpected."

But I just took a closer look, and there actually are some interesting -- if creepy -- ads for the men. And these ads always feature useful instruction about the ways of sociopaths. A few for your enlightenment:

Christopher Lewis Adams (Child molesting) 

180 pound 6'1" transgender bisexual white female with blue eyes and brown hair seeks a bisexual female or bisexual black male with no kids for love and support in open marriage or friendship to help me change my life to show me love for the way that I feel about myself inside to turn me out. Looks are not as important to me as personality and charm for the crime that I did.

A.K.A. Christina Lynn Adams

At first, Christopher seems quite confused. He says he's a "transgender bisexual," yet he can't decide whether he's attracted to bisexual females (presumably of any race) or bisexual black males. (Why not straight black males, if he's serious about getting an operation?) And he's in the clink for child molesting. Also, his last sentence makes no sense: he wants someone with "charm for the crime that I did"? What??

Adams has evidently brought suit against his Indiana prison, saying his rights to medical (including mental) health care have been violated. An excerpt from the United States District Court's summary judgment against that suit is enlightening:

Adams claims he suffers from Gender Identity Disorder (“GID”) and that a sex change operation and hormone therapy are necessary to quell his desires to have sex with underage girls.

Adams does not suffer from GID and therefore would not benefit from a sex change operation or hormone therapy.

Adams has an anti-social personality disorder. The appropriate therapy for this disorder is group therapy.

Adams has claimed he has trauma-related anxiety. However, he does not have trauma-related anxiety. Adams has claimed he has depression. He refused antidepressant medication and it has been determined that Adams does not have ongoing depression and does not need antidepressant medication.

In other words, he is a sociopath (anti-social personality disorder is basically another word for sociopathy) who is simply feigning various other disorders, and the penpal ad above is merely part of his scam. He has no desire to connect with bisexual (grownup) females or bisexual black males. He still only wants underage girls.

Walter Anderson (Importation/drug smuggler)

Internationally known drug smuggler featured on many TV shows.America's most wanted, Man Hunter, Final Justice the Discovery Channel did a documentary on maximum security prisons in which I was featured.

I'm 6'4", 225 lbs. in real good shape. I'm a former amateur boxer who has fought in the New York State Golden gloves tournament. I was born and raised in Harlem, New York. I lived in Miami, Atlanta, San Diego and Los Angeles. I have also lived abroad, the Philippines, Mexico, Columbia, Bahamas and all through the Caribbean.

I am in prison for importation. I was smuggling drugs into theUnited states....So if you're that special lady then holler at me your private gangster. Gold diggers don't waste my time or yours. I can call you and it won't be collect.

Not exactly consumed with remorse, is he? Well, at least Walter's not uttering that stale line about having made bad choices. 

At the end he says he can call you and it won't be collect; but he also says in his ad that he's seeking "women, donations" so that seems like a bit of a contradiction.

I don't think Walter has to worry about gold diggers; they generally don't hang out on prisoner pen pal sites.

Walter is 51, so if that's a recent photo he's not kidding about being in good shape, especially at 6' 4" and 225. Glad I'm not his cellmate.

Cody Allen (Indecent liberties)

Heyy! I am serving and 86 month sentence. I have around 54 months left. I like to work out and be active. The kind of girls I like are blondes, around 5'8". My height. I'm looking for just talking for a relationship. Either one is fine with me. I like skinnier girls. At the most, I would say around 150 pounds. Maybe more. I like it when you have a sense of humor. I like either short or long hair. Preferably long hair because it's fun to play with. I think it would be nice to actually have a relationship with someone. Maybe it will turn into something. Who knows.

Could Cody possibly have written a creepier-sounding ad? (Especially for a guy who's in for having had sex with a 14-year-old girl.) 

Cody is only 22, so hasn't yet learned how to disguise his true self. Had he eliminated all the references to what he is looking for physically, he would have sounded more normal: "I like to work out and be active....I'm looking for just a talking relationship right now....I like it when you have a sense of humor."

But Cody's inner pervert kept popping up in every other sentence, like that embarrassing second head that alien had in Men in Black II. Even his last sentence, "I think it would be nice to actually have a relationship with someone" sounds creepy, as it makes it quite apparent that he's never even considered the human aspect of a "relationship."

He would have been better off with two paragraphs, one with the normal-sounding comments and one listing his tastes. Interlacing them the way he did made him sound as if he was hiding somehow.

But Cody will undoubtedly learn. Another year or two of hanging out with the other inmates and he'll learn how to more convincingly present a false face to the world.

Jerome Angwin (crime not listed)

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my profile. It is my wish to earn the attention of that special someone that was destined to be my friend, lover and companion, the mate to my soul. The woman to complete me as I will complete her.

I am divorced with no children. My profession is System's Analyst and Administrator, though I have many skills and abilities. A few of which the ladies find most pleasurable.

I consider myself fair and reasonable with an open mind. I don't judge people for being different. I am healthy, I stay active, I shower regularly and all my teeth are real. I am very passionate and hands on. I love the taste, sound, scent and feel of a woman.

Communication, trust and great sex is the key to every relationship. I need her to be happy and fulfilled in mind, body and soul. She will be a woman that enjoys being a woman for her man. A woman to be cherished, loved, thoroughly taken and appreciated as the precious gift she is. She should be adventurous, spontaneous and open minded. Enjoying frequent passion for hours at a time.

If you feel any chemistry and want to know more, please feel free to write. I will respond to all, don't be shy. He bows to the ladies. HUGS and Peace.

Jerome certainly takes pains to emphasize how much he likes the ladies -- and how good he is in bed. But when a guy is that emphatic, you have to be suspicious. Especially when he doesn't list his crime in the ad. 

Sure enough, it turns out he's a child molester. He was arrested in an FBI sting in which an agent posed as the mother of two girls, aged 7 and 12, and offered them up for sex. Angwin was evidently very specific about his desire to have sex with the 7-year-old as well as the other two.

This advertisement for how much Jerome loves (full-grown) women is reminiscent of another pattern that runs through these ads: the more evil a person is, the more he will talk about his love for humanity.  

Note Jerome's last line: "He bows to the ladies. HUGS and Peace." What a gentleman! 

A white-haired perv like Jerome has a lot more experience hiding his true nature than does a young one like Cody.

But really, is this all that different from a 35-year-old guy -- with a normal sexuality -- being slicker with women than your average 20-year-old?

We must all live and learn.