marathons and european travels

I am embarrassed at the lack of photos and blog work friends. So to hide my embarrassment, I'm going to do the normal human thing and make excuses for my extensive blog absence (they are good too y'all!). 

marathon: hubby & I completed our 1st marathon on November 18th! Wow - it was THE TOUGHEST thing I've done yet (I imagine having kids will top that in the future someday, but for now, marathon wins). Our marathon was in Valencia, Spain and we got some lovely pictures of the area that we ran by (for 5 and a half hours!) before the marathon but no self portraits during the marathon. A Canon camera just isn't the normal attire and my iPhone was strapped to my arm pumping motivating tunes into my ears as I was trying to forget the physical toll that was attacking my body. But the good parts - WE DID IT! We finished and I am so glad that after 4 months of training, I was able to run across the finish line and complete it. 

{a beachy European wonder}

{iPhones are just GPS wonders}

{where we finished our marathon}

{the aquarium}

{beautiful Valencian nightlife}

The following weekend after marathon we jetted off to Brussels, Belgium to see our dear friend of mine and former co-worker (probably not the best idea with sore, achy muscles). Brussels is a nice European town, but it was Brugge (a small Dutch village an hour away and pronounced Broozh in French) that was my favorite! 

{we were soaking in the beautiful fall colors}

{an authentic belgian waffle with belgian chocolate and strawberries}

{my new favorite European town: Brugge}

So while I have not been taking my normal OOTD shots, I do leave you with delightful photos from our recent travels. Hope you enjoy!