Time to Become Hero's

8000 dollars for every man woman and child in the United States.
2.4 TRILLION Dollars
 Estimated cost of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
And the Americans and other agressing nations have been hypnotized into believing they are somehow doing something Right.
There were never any WMD's ..
the reason we went into Iraq....
And Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11,
so they pinned the rap on their CIA operative Bin Laden,
who had nothing to do with it either,
but gotta pin it on someone.
So that gave us the "right" to Invade Afghanistan..
So because of this one guy that we claim did
the dastardly deed done by the real dastardly dudes..
And because of this one dude we figured,
Hey, Let's totally invade Afghanistan.
Let's beat into the ground anything left standing.
We can spend maybe a Trillion dollars there....
We can spend maybe,
 UH Let's say,
"8000 dollars for every man woman and child in the United States."

And the Sheep think,
OH, that's justified to protect us from the Hoards..

I got news for ya,
We're the freaking Hoards..

They are little tiny things...

So we invade other countries...
and we get our Oil Pipeline in Afghanistan,
 from the Caspian Sea..... 
like we beat the Ruskies out on that,
they tried for years,
 but those are some Strong People there...
But we got the biggest stick,
in fact they have the sticks,
we have the freakin A Bombs.

So "be afraid of those tiny things with sticks.".

"But don't worry, we'll protect you."

It'll only cost you 8000.00 per every man woman and child in the country...
( I could have thought of a better way to spend my $8000.00)

And where will that money go....

Is it simply going to the obscure idea of protecting me and my family...?

As they'd hypnotize you to believe.

No, it's going into the pockets of 2% of the Population.
A 2% who will spend peoples lives,
to make their millions....
Who use WAR as their cash cow.

You see, aside from the fact that we are in Iraq to control oil, etc...and in Afghanistan for similar reasons...... the real money, the real reason for this whole WAR thing..
Is to take the money from your pocket...
Filter it through something called the
Internal Revenue Service..
Then give it back to the 2%
via ....mostly Wars,
where they just happen to supply all the Weapons for those wars
(both sides ) .
And all the Infrastructure that now ,
since we destroyed it,
has to be put back in place.

We're killing kids via remote control
Like a freakin Video Arcade...
Via Drones
in countries we have no place being in..

But We....The US and other Governments
Who are totally controlled by that 2%.
Seem to believe that we own it all...
It's just a matter of time before we control it.

Those 2% in control
who have all the money..
Don't belong to any country...
Get that right out of your head...
They own...all of the countries
And the ones they have not been able to control...
Well, just look at the current and recent wars....
And you'll know what countries didn't allow themselves to be controlled by the 2%.

So here is the straight Poop.
The truth

We are murdering children in foreign lands
and sending our children off to be killed by those people protecting their Homes..

So that a few rich Piggies can profit.

And they tell us those folks protecting their Homeland from delusional hypnotized murdering invaders...
are Terrorists....
And that we are the Hero's,
Bringing them Democracy.

What Democracy?

There is no Democracy in Amerika,

The 2% pick who we can choose from for our leaders...

The Corporations profit line determines our domestic and foreign policy.

This has nothing to do with Democracy.

What our "Hero's" are doing is simply beating down those who would protest becoming part of the International Corporate Slave State.

And the Slaves foot the bill.

How freakin messed up is that?

You see I've been having a problem...

I believe in Feeding the Joy,
In creating a beautiful world for my Family...

But the World is my Family...

And so much of it is suffering horribly because of Greed.

And I am told I must pay for this greed,
I must pay for this suffering.
I must support this murder of someone else's family...
with my taxes
Or they might take my home, my "freedom"

This is Amerika...

Where have the real Hero's gone?

And finding joy here in our little isolated corner of the world is Great..
A wonderful gift to my child...

But what about the rest of my Family..

the Family that all humanity is...

What can I do about that,
 that won't destroy our little island of Joy here?

Most Good people are in the same boat..
They feel helpless against the Satanic Machine that is running the world.
So they do what they can in their little area...
and close their eyes to all the suffering around them...

Time to open our eyes...
and say, NO MORE"
We are no longer going to pay for your evil.
It's like we have these choices:
1.Close our eyes and pretend it's OK.
2.Believe the lies so we can feel justified in supporting the Evil.
Or 3.   Refuse to take part.

Time to become Hero's