The True Origin of Democracy

Once Upon a Time the world was ruled by a few Kings.
Nobody remembers how they came to be Kings,
their ancestors probably had the biggest sticks,
and no problem with using them.
Anyway these few Kings basically owned everything..
Including all the people.
The Kings were very rich
the people were all very poor.
But the Kings let them have just enough
so that they wouldn't rebel against the Kings.
Besides that the Kings had their Armies,
just in case someone didn't want to be a Slave.  
Everyone had their own jobs to do,
but had to pay the Kings a good portion of what they made.
The poor people also had to pay the King taxes,
to live in the Homes.
Sometimes the poor people would get fed up,
working hard all the time,
while the Kings just sat back and took their money.
And when this happened the Kings would get together...
They had the perfect solution to keeping the people in line.
This was done by convincing them
 that the King was Protecting them,
from some horrible outside invaders.
So the Kings got together and planned wars.
One kingdom would attack the other,
and the King would send out his troops to protect the poor people in his Kingdom.

But the King did nothing,
he made the poor people go out and do the fighting and dying.
He made even more money selling them weapons...
The Kings in these wars prospered greatly...
the poor people only died.
But were almost always fooled into believin that without the King
they were in danger.
So the poor people sacrificed the lives of their children
who would go off into these mock battles..
And kill other poor people, or die...
or come home ruined from the experience of it all.
It was a great system for the Kings.
They bled the people of their Lives and incomes..
It wasn't that great for the poor folks though.
And every once and a while someone would come along,
and say, The Hell with this"
and organize some poor people to destroy the King.

Well the Kings weren't going to have this...
So they figured out a whole new Trick,
even better than the wars,
for keeping the poor folks in slavery.
They called it Democracy.

Now here is what their idea was.
They find a few people who will do everything they say,
then they tell the poor folks that they (the Kings)
will no longer rule them.
That they can now rule themselves..
So they give them a choice of who can rule them...
One of those people they had picked out,
and controlled through fear...or greed.

So the poor folks believed that they could choose someone to represent them..
to help rule and protect them.
They could choose from any number of people.
all pre selected by the King (unbeknownst to the poor folks).

So then the poor folks celebrated...    
Because now, "They were Free".

Of course they still had to pay taxes in order to live in their homes,
still had to pay a portion of every cent they made and
they still had to send their children off to kill and die.
now it was their democratic choice..

The Kings were happy because now,
if the people got angry,
they'd take it out on their elected officials..
The Kings just sat in their ivory towers,
collecting the money from the elected officials..
and deciding what those elected officials would do next.
Now they were safely insulated from the Poor people who they despised...but needed to fill their coffers.... 

And otherwise nothing at all had changed except that the people,
had become complacent...
had come to believe that they were in control...

So the Kings sat back and collected the money...

and the poor dutifully slaved away...