"Natural Republicans"

There's been a lot of breast-beating and soul-searching by the Republicans since the election. Much of this seems to have centered on the fact that Hispanics broke for Obama 71-29.

Many of the initial analyses seemed to express bewilderment that they would vote for Obama since they are "natural Republicans." After all, they believe in hard work, entrepreneurship, and family values, or so went the thinking.

Every time I heard this, I couldn't help but hear the unstated second part of the sentence: "you know, at least compared to that other group who will never vote for us."

Was it just me or did others hear the implied comparison as well? And can those Republican analysts be so tone deaf to political correctness not to realize what message they were sending?

All descriptions of people are relative. You wouldn't describe Joe as tall unless he was taller than most. And you wouldn't describe Julie as pretty unless she were more attractive than most. Likewise, you wouldn't describe one group as hard-working unless another was lazy by comparison.

The idea that Hispanics are "natural Republicans" was quickly debunked by many: of course a group which tends to occupy the lower rungs of the economic ladder will vote for the party favoring redistribution.

But that initial analysis must still be echoing fairly loudly in the ears of that other ethnic group.