Our Three Bodies and Healing

Our Three Bodies

The further humans became "civilized"
the more they became disconnected from the 
totality of what they are. 
Most folks have completely lost touch
 with two of their three bodies.
For the most part they are not known,
or are totally misunderstood.

You see, humans are no longer subtle beings..
Very few even have the ability to quiet themselves
emotionally and mentally.

And two of our bodies...
are very subtle.
So I'm going to talk about all three of the human's bodies,
but will focus on the one's that most folks don't understand
or have a conscious connection to.

It's not our fault that we become disconnected
the whole society were are brought up in..
is disconnected,
seems intent on maintaining that disconnection...
and maybe we'll eventually discuss the reasons for this.
But now let's just get into it.
OK, the Three bodies are the 
Physical Body,
The Etheric Body
and the Astral Body.
(Some folks might include The Mental Body,
but we aren't going to here.) 
Each is equally real...
equally vital in the Life of the Human.

The Physical body we all know about.
It's a collection of glands, and organs, and muscles and bones...etc.
This is the one most humans are aware of...
So let's talk about the Etheric Body.
The Etheric body is the energetic body that underlies the physical.
This is what people can see, 
called the Aura.
(although to be totally accurate the Aura is the Etheric body, colored by the Astral body.)
The Etheric body is the body Acupuncturist's 
and energy healers deal with.
Healing is much more effective on the etheric level,
than it is on the physical,
since the Etheric is at the root of the Physical.
Treating a branch of a tree that is dying because the roots are bad....
is really an effort in futility.
So treating a physical problem on the physical level,
is not as effective as treating it on an Etheric/energy level.
Think of Etheric as energetic.
 The Etheric body is generally like a Cacoon
made of this Web of Light.
And within the Etheric body there are
Centers that have correspondence
 to Glands and organs in the Physical Body. 
And on it's own you could say that the Etheric body 
is built upon Clear Light.
But just as the Etheric body is at the root of the Physical body....
 so the Astral Body,
colors the Etheric body..   
The Etheric body feeds the Physical body...
The quality of the Physical body
is determined by the quality of the Etheric Body...
AND, the quality of the Etheric body
is determined by the Astral Body
Astral Body:
So the Astral body....
 I think is sometimes called the
Emotional Body.
The astral body is built primarilly upon judgments..
Dualistic notions that were derived in the souls search for a separate identity...
as is it's task for the first part of it's evolution.
And judgments came about during the process of
chasing desire...
and shunning fear.
Or you could say,
Seeking Pleasure,
and avoiding Pain.
All the emotional pains we have stored away through the ages
are stored in our Astral Bodies.
And some of these emotional pains
are the result of physical harms,
that frightened us deeply,
or angered us strongly.  
The Astral Body has also been called,
"the body of Desire"
but this definition is incomplete to most folks understanding because it surmises that folks understand that
behind every desire...
there is a Fear.
So it would be more accurate to call it,
a body of desire...and fear.
Now as I said this Astral Body
colors the Etheric body..
It reflects in the Etheric body.
which in turn reflects in the Physical body. 
Most human disease originates in the Astral Body.
This is why simply treating a physical problem,
on a physical level..
is not the best approach.
And even though energy healers are more effective than Physical healers...
they still seldom get to the roots of the problem.

So Doctors treat the physical body
energy healers, acupuncturists, reiki masters treat the Etheric...
And I suppose you could say phychologists
via the mind which is tied to the astral body,
treat that... 
Although the method is a roundabout way
 due to it's reliance upon the mind.
Meditation and self reflection are also two means of healing the Astral Body.
When I was young my Teachers taught me a method of 
flooding the Astral Body with pure White Light.
This exposed and enlightened areas of distortion.
Every judgment we have made, 
every anger we hold, 
every fear and guilt and lust ...
that lives in our Astral bodies,
many are centuries old...
and many are not merely of our own creation,
but rather Group created.
 These reflect in our Etheric bodies.
That which we repress...
denies the etheric body of it's alloted energy,
in the corresponding area to where it lives in the Astral body.
And we repress everything we fear.
We repress our guilt, our shame, 
and thanks to ,"the Church"
sometimes our desire.  
Every intense desire...
overfeeds a corresponding area in the Etheric body,
with energy.
And where the energy has been drastically amplified
or drastically reduced in the Etheric body,
A disease (or even an accident)
 will eventually manifest in the physical body.  
When we repress our desire we get a very dangerous disease causing situation.
First the Desire is am amplification of energy..
Repression is a denial of energy.
If we deny something really really big.
It'll eventually hurt us. 
If we pretend there is no elephant in the room
it'll eventually sit on us, and kill us.
Now Desire has it's place
Right alongside Fear..
in guiding the Evolution of the Soul
during the first part of it's evolution. 
As it is The seeking of Pleasure (desire)
and shunning of Pain (Fear)
that guides us to find our unique separate expression
 in the Whole of Us.    
But most folks reading this,
certainly if you have gotten this far....
have already past the point in your souls evolution
where you are seeking that unique separate expression..
And now are on the return trip,
back to Oneness.
And on that return trip we are finding and facing
all those judgments grown out of that 
dualistic Quest through Pleasure and Pain ,
that had hitherto defined who we were...
But alas,
also dictated our physical
 and emotional health issues.  
We are not in perfect health because once upon a time
we judged things in the world
through our pain, and pleasure.
And those things took root...
And even though they were buried in a body we had become too dense to be aware of....
they still effected us on multiple levels.
And they will
until they are Illuminated
and allowed to return to what they really are...
beyond our judgments.    
Once we come to realize that there is really nothing External to us..
That everything is Reflected within us...
And we can cease the dualistic game we've been playing
of judging every single thing that has come before us
since the beginning of our Time..
And once we can allow all things to exist..
without our Judgments attached to them...
Then we can find Balance and Health.