"The Myth of American Meritocracy"

An extremely interesting article by Ron Unz at The American Conservative, with the subtitle, "How corrupt are Ivy League admissions?"

Unz, who is Jewish, makes the case that Jews are way overrepresented at Ivy League universities relative to their academic performance in high school, while Asian-Americans and Anglos are underrepresented.

Unz himself got a BS in physics from Harvard. He then went to Stanford, but dropped out before getting his doctorate in theoretical physics. While at Stanford, he wrote software for mortgage securities, and eventually founded a company called Wall Street Analytics, which was eventually sold to Moody's in 2006.

He ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for Governor of California in 1994, getting 34.3% of the Republican vote to Pete Wilson's 61.4%. In 2007 he was named the publisher of The American Conservative. He is also a large financial contributor to Wikipedia.

Unz claims to have an IQ of 214. I can't ascertain that, but his resume is certainly that of a brainiac. And if you read the article linked above, you'll see his intelligence shining through on every page.