Let Them Eat Cereal

I've had it with my picky eaters.  I'm done trying.  If it were up to them we would have spaghetti five nights a week and tacos the other two.

We have one of those wooden message signs in our kitchen which reads, "Menu: eat it or starve."  I'll admit I bought it just because I thought it was cute, but now I really mean it...and meanly.

Basically every time I cook something that I think the entire family will enjoy, the kids turn up their noses and harrumph and whine until I dump the contents of their plates into the trash and either quickly fix yet another dish while my plate gets cold or point to the fridge and say "cereal."

For example, last night I made a simple meatloaf, cornbread stuffing and sweet potatoes.  And the thing is, they have eaten meatloaf plenty of times.  Same goes for stuffing, I mean what kid isn't down with stuffing?  But Noooooooooo, neither kid liked any of the stuff I'd prepared.  They elected instead to have Honey Nut Cheerios.  I wanted to scream.

I'm so tired of fixing "kid food" like macaroni and cheese and lasagna.  Uhg!  There was one night recently when I had fixed a nice dinner of my husband's favorite "pork chops and cabbage" with some fresh snapped green beans on the side.  The kids of course "tried it" and unceremoniously spit it back out onto their plates.  I then desperately made quickie mac and cheese for the boy and scrambled eggs for the girl, thereby dirtying at least four more dishes.  Fun.  It would be nice to be able to prepare only a couple of things for dinner and have some variety there throughout the week.

I don't buy chips or sodas or even ice cream...ever.  We do however always have plenty of breakfast cereals and toaster waffles on hand.  "Easy and quick" is definitely on the morning menu in this house.  Basically due to that being the only "junk" food ever available, the kids end up having cereal for dinner many times during the week when they "dis" my dinners.  Serves them right I say.  I'm done feeling guilty about that.

New motto in the Staglik household: "eat it or starve" (or eat cereal for dinner)!  It not just a decorative piece of art anymore.