Karma...a Very Misunderstood Law

Very few people actually understand what Karma is
and how it works.
It's impossible for many because it simply can't fit into their
belief system.
But it's really very simple..

There is a Quiet Place
Even in the heart of the storm
at the center of our Hearts.
And in this place 
we can see the Truth of things
we can hear the voice of 
Everything All at Once Forever.
And Everything All at Once Forever....

Is God.

Not some White Judgmental All Powerful Super Hero dude
sittin on the outside deciding this and that
making rules we dare not break..

Everything All at Once...Forever

The Beginning and the End...
and a new beginning.... and a new end.

In that silent place we can hear the voice of God.

It's not in a book written by men.
Doesn't come from the mouths of those who preach.
There is NEVER judgment there.

There is no Wrath of God
Only wrath of foolish men.

There is no Judgment of God
Just judgment of Ignorant men.

In fact there is no "wrong"
or for that matter "Right"
in the eyes of God.

Everything simply is.

The Ten Commandments
did not come from God...

But they are good suggestions for Man.

Each of us is like a cell
in the body of God
Without each of us
in our uniqueness
there would be no God.

Everything is God
And without EVERYTHING
there is no God.

It isn't God that demands we do not kill our fellow men for greed.
It isn't God that tells us not to harm one another
and ourselves.
But there are laws that govern everything
 in this Creation
that we've named God.
Laws that dictate the direction of a souls evolution
through this Creation.
Just as Gravity is a Law in this particular dimension of Creation.

And the most basic of these Laws is the Law of Karma.
And this Law is about as mis-understood by the masses
as is the truth about what God is.

Karma is not a system of reward and punishment
based upon if our actions are "good or bad".

Get this through your heads..

"There is no Higher Judgment"

Only man in his egotistical ignorance
feels they have the right and need to judge.
And in all actuality
they do,
this is how they guide themselves through the first part of their souls evolution..
Dualistic Judgments are the souls(egos) roadmap
to finding that unique separate expression
they are to make within the whole.
Seeking pleasure and running from pain
is the path of all young souls.. 

Karma is a simple Law
As the Rednecks would say,
"What goes around comes around."

Look at it this way.
Everything in Creation is built upon Energy.
Every cell in our bodies has energy enough to run a power plant.
Every thought and emotion carries energy
of certain quality.    
Every Action is an expenditure of very precise energy.

There is No Punishing God

It is our own judgments of right and wrong that "punish" us.
But it isn't really a punishment..
It's just part of the natural process of a souls evolution...

Let me explain:
At the very heart of each of us
is a spark that unites us all..
It is who we are in the beginning
and in the end.
And in that spark is the knowledge that
We Are All One Thing.
And within that knowledge is the understanding that
to harm another is just harming ourselves
and the whole that we are part of.
We know at the very core of our being that harming another is counter productive to the whole.
And every time, throughout our long evolution that we do harm to another..  
We are aware of this.
But no human wants to feel that they have done harm..
that they are "bad".
Because humans
unlike God
Have very specific ideas of right and wrong.
And most are deeply based in the understanding of the true nature of things.
 The Oneness.    
So a couple of lifetimes ago I killed a soldier who was murdering the women and children and old folks in my tribe.
(the warriors were being murdered elsewhere)
Even though I was a holy man....
I snapped, 
and slit his throat.
I still cry every time I remember this..
Am I angry at the soldier I killed?
I don't think so.
Am I angry at the ignoarnt men who sent him to kill.
I don't think so..
But I'm angry at myself...
so deeply..
And that anger lives at some place in my body.
I carry it there and try to keep it pushed back
out of my consciousness...
We humans don't want to see the Harm we do.
We push it aside
Bury it...
But once a human has reached that stage of their souls evolution
where they have finished defining their unique separate expression
through duality..
They must face everything that they have pushed aside and hidden.
They must come to terms with all that has been,
all that has defined who they were.
And if they don't....
there will be problems.

This is Karma. 

Put simply:
Karma is energy that we have put out
then judged.
That must be reconciled with Love..
And until we do reconcile it with Love
and remove our Human judgment..
it will be there
blocking the free flow of energy through us.
And whenever the free flow of energy is Blocked...
There are difficulties.

This is the "punishment" of Karma.
Built upon our own judgments of "Good and Bad".

AND the flip side is,
Whenever we give 
through Love and Intention 
It will create an opening of Light within us
allowing the free flow of energy
which is the key to health and bountiful blessings.  

It's all about that Free Flow of Energy.
Every judgment of "bad"
upon ourselves or others
blocks that free flow.
And when the free flow of energy is blocked...
we have problems.

There is no Allmighty God punishing you 
because he doesn't like something you did...  

You are punishing yourself because you know on some level
that your action was harmful...
you judge it as bad...
tuck it away...
Where it ferments in the dark
and blocks the flow of energy

But every Judgment must have it's day in the Light.
Every Judgment we make must be reconciled back to it's Truth..
with Love.
Karma only exists in Duality
and eventually every souls journey is one from duality
to Oneness.
And that path back to Oneness
requires that every judgment we carry within us...
(and there are lots)
Must be reconciled.
must be removed from our Light Body
through Love..
Until then

Karma gonna bite you in the Butt.