For the "Real Men" out there. "Grow a Pair"

So "They" are murdering innocent Mothers and their Children in Gaza.
Murdering Innocents by Drone in Pakistan
Murdering children and families in Iraq
and Afghanistan.
They are putting fluoride in your drinking water...
For the same reason Hitler put it in the drinking water of those in His Prison Camps.
They are taking your Will,
making you docile.
They are giving you medicines
not to heal you
but to keep you buying medicines as long as possible.
They are vaccinating you with Poisons,
destroying your natural immunity.
They are putting chlorine in your water
that kills your gut flora,
like the antibiotics you are force fed..
And all this does is destroy the gut...
The Seat of good health.
They are keeping people poor,
and sick people sick
by rewarding their poverty,
and feeding their sickness
so they will be willing slaves.

And Real Men,
what are you waiting for?
Are you waiting for that fateful 2012 day,
when all of a sudden
everything will be just fine for the good guys,
and the scumbags in control
all melt away.
Or maybe you are waiting for the Messiah,
gonna come down and save your ass.
Or maybe the Great White Brotherhood from
outer space is going to set things right.

Well, OK,
here's the deal
How about when that fateful 2012 end of the world day comes..
And nothing has changed..
How about you Grow a Pair?

That's right,
get some freakin balls and do something to change
the Evil that rules the world.

Evil does rule the world you know..
Otherwise we would not be murdering folks the world over...for profit
we would not be slowly killing ourselves with their cures...
for their profit..

So Mr. Man,
What r u Gonna do?

Well here's a suggestion:

Simply stop financing it.

Guess what,
You are responsible for all the atrocities I just mentioned..

Yo are flipping the freakin bill.

You are buying the bullets,
paying for the poisons..

So Quit...

Why am I just addressing the "Men" here.
Kinda sexist huh.

Men got the Balls
women got the Heart..

Women can keep fueling the fires of Love
while the men
quench the Fires of Hell.

Just a little Natural Delegation.
I'm not opposed to women with balls
and men with Heart..
But we need em both right now
Big Time.

And it's easy,
quit throwing gasoline on the fires of Hell...

Do it.

Refuse to Pay your Taxes..

Tell everyone to refuse to pay...

The Government that has you by the balls
that's controlling you through fear...

Is yours to control....

How about we make this an actual Democracy..

Where we the people decide what we do with our hard earned money...

Just that...

We decide..

How many of you real men would choose to murder innocents..
to poison an entire population
while claiming good intentions.

How many would freely choose to spend their money
on ways to kill their neighbors.


But this is what you are doing every time you pay 

the Devil it's Due.

We're making an all out war against Muslims 
because they have the audacity to call
the West, Satan.


If murdering innocents for profit
Isn't Evil...
If poisoning your population isn't evil....
I guess I don't know what evil means.

So quit using your jive fear based excuses 
about why you pay your taxes....

And quit buying the idea that
having better roads
 and Educational Systems
some how balances out


Grow a Pair

and refuse to finance the murder..

And once we get their Attention...

Then WE decide where our money goes...

To shut down the EVIL
all you have to do is
Stop Financing It.