Discrimination is A Good Thing

Discrimination is not a bad Thing
We have come to believe this,
especially folks in my generation
Because we lived through the Civil Rights days,
where it was said that we discriminated against blacks,
by making them go to the back of the bus,
drink from separate water fountains,
and basically treated them as sub-humans.
This was not discrimination.
This was Lame Ass Ignorant Behavior.
Discrimination is simply the ability 
to clearly perceive a situation or thing...   
The ability to see the Quality of a thing clearly.
Now here's the deal.
Discrimination is essential for growth..
BUT this discrimination must be devoid of Judgment.
You can percieve that a certain person
has a harmful influence in your life..
This is a fact based upon clear evidence.
when you label that person an Asshole
because of what you have, 
through discrimination, percieved...
You are judging.
ALL the damage done in this world
has Judgment at it roots.
A lot of folks get confused with this subject.
They think, and rightly so,
that they should love EVERYBODY.
And they should.
But that does not mean they should put aside discriminition....
and allow themselves to be abused,
to appear to be a loving person.
Discriminition is simply Clear Vision.
If we don't use that ability...
We end up in harmful situations.
Discriminate away...
But don't Judge