Compassion is Over Rated

Compassion isn't all it's Cracked up to Being

We've been programmed to believe that Compassion is the most noblest of things.
After all Buddha, and Christ were both called,
"Lords of Compassion"
(misnomers used to keep us down).
And the Dalai Lama's always talkin about it.
So it's gotta be good, Right?
Here's the Truth:

First you have to understand what Compassion actually means,
because we all have very different definitions,
and few are actually definitions of Compassion.
Compassion can be understood by simply breaking down the word.
Two Parts
Com   =  With 
And Passion= An Intense emotional reaction.
So with Compassion we are sharing an intense emotional reaction.
Someone lost a loved one...
and so have we..
we understand
we share their Misery.
And we've been told that this somehow reduces their misery...
But actually it has simply Increased the overall misery.
Two miserable people is a lot more misery than one miserable person.
In this Compassion,
to be cpompassionte
we must re connect with our own misery.
What's the point in that?
Compassion is akin to seeing someone
drowning in a pool of Quicksand.
And jumping in to save them.
but stupid.
Now there are two people drowning.
What people need to do is Replace Compassion
with LOVE.
Love is not an intense emotional reaction...
Intense emotional reactions....
make clear vision Impossible.
Love gives us clear...
unadulterated Vision.
Whereas the compassionate person is jumping in the quicksand
to save another...and drowning in their emotionally shared turmoil.

Love simply stands on the edge of the pool...
And throws out a rope.

Replace Compassion with Love.
You will be better off
and so will the whole word.

So many Good Hearts
when you ask them to define Compassion
Are actually defining Love....
Compassion is the sharing of an intense emotional reaction..
It is counterproductive.
Has nothing at all to do with Emotion..
In fact, Pure Love and emotion
can not exist in the same place at the same time.

Replace Compassion with Love
Feed the Love and Joy
Not the Misery and Pain.