Choosing roommates

I've recently been informed that at a lot of colleges, you're not allowed to say on your freshman rooming application that you don't want a homosexual roommate

But if, say, a guy isn't allowed to say that that he doesn't want a homosexual roommate (who might find him sexually attractive), then why should girls not be randomly paired with male roommates (who might find them sexually attractive)? 

This argument sounds silly, but really, the same logic applies. Some people feel uncomfortable dressing or taking a shower in front of someone who might pop a boner while watching them do so. And if you have to sleep in the same room with that person night after night, it's understandable that the atmosphere might feel a little oppressive.

Most women, of course, wouldn't feel comfortable if they were forced to change all the time in front of some random guy. But if they have the right not to room with some leering potential predator, shouldn't men have that same right? 

Now it's far less likely that the average football player is going to be raped by the average theater major than it is that any given female will be raped by a random male. But male on male rapes have been known to occur -- though mostly in prison. 

When you go to prison, by the way, they don't ask you to fill out a questionnaire detailing your likes and dislikes so that the warden can carefully match you up with a simpatico roomie. You're simply thrown in with someone randomly, and you may get raped as a result. (Should wardens ask for such forms?) 

I'm not being entirely serious by pointing out these parallels, of course. I'm generally for homosexual rights, and I certainly wouldn't have wanted my daughter (who's currently in college) paired with some random male roommate. And, the fact is, you never hear of male on male rapes on college campuses.

But awkwardness is a constant presence on every campus, and lessening it in any context -- particularly the context of a dorm room -- doesn't seem like that much of a crime to me. If you're against sexual harassment, you should be against all sexual harassment.

I realize that I've just made an argument against gays in the military. But the military is different: everybody is put in large barracks, and the presence of a few gays there is not going to make any one hetero feel particularly oppressed.  

And if it ever did get too awkward at the unit level, the military could allow for all-gay units and all straight units. The reason I've always been for allowing gays in the military because I'm for equal rights -- not because I favor forced fraternization.

It wouldn't bother me to have a gay roommate. But there are those it would, so why not allow incoming college freshmen to have straight roommates if they prefer?