And My Kitchen Stayed Clean

Thanksgiving was a great success!  No one cooked and no one cleaned up.

This was the second year in a row our small family decided to go "out" for Thanksgiving and it is our favorite new "tradition" going forward.  Yesterday we had a private room at one of the city's most critically acclaimed restaurants with great service, incredible food, and flowing Cakebread for over three hours!

The highlight of the day was when our NYC-dwelling niece appeared as a server, water pitcher in hand, to surprise her parents and grandma!  It made me cry it was so exciting.  We got it on video and we all watched it over and over again.

Although I love seeing all of our extended family, I also dread the "work" that goes into it, the preparation, the cooking, the cleaning and how it takes hours and even days to prepare for a feast that lasts thirty minutes tops.  I just have to be in a certain mood and moody as I am, I haven't seen that mood for sometime.

I hope this preference towards Thanksgiving reservations isn't setting a bad precedent for our kids.  I mean, we all grew up relegated to the "kid's table" and family all around and now I'm teaching my kids to sit quietly and order from a menu or fill their plates from the brunch buffet.  I would offer though that the time spent with the kids is more quality time, since I'm not distracted with food preparation and details.  Plus, it's so nice with the kids a bit older now and able to cut their own meat for example.  These are the best years.  They are generally well behaved, interesting, clever, polite and conversant young people at the dinner table and did I mention no one has to clean up afterwards.

Yes. This is how our clan rolls.  ...and a good time was had by all.