A vote for Obama.....

If you're thinking about voting for Barack Obama tomorrow, please be reminded:

A vote for Obama is a vote for the guy who campaigned in 2008 as the post-racial, post-partisan candidate, then governed as the exact opposite.

It's a vote for the guy who said he would hire no lobbyists, and at last count has 43 lobbyists working for him.

It's a vote for Solyndra, and for indemnifying Obama's campaign contributors when the company failed -- at taxpayer expense. It's a vote for other green energy companies owned by other Obama contributors.

It's a vote for a President who thinks he can fire the CEO of GM, and ignore normal bankruptcy law to reassign the bondholders' rights to the unions, which contributed so heavily to his 2008 campaign.

It's a vote for a President who spent the first two years of his Presidency blaming the previous President for all his troubles.

It's a vote for a President who thought that by dint of his personal charm, and by apologizing for past misdeeds of the United Stated, he would turn our enemies into friends.

It's a vote for giving, as a state gift to Queen Elizabeth, an iPod crammed with videos of Obama speeches.

It's a vote for a guy who said he was going to appoint a Supreme Court Justice who was a strict Constitutionalist and who would not legislate from the bench, and then appointed Sonia Sotomayor.

It's a vote for Eric Holder as Attorney General.

It's a vote for Fast and Furious.

It's a vote for invoking Executive Privilege to protect Holder from his involvement in Fast and Furious.

It's a vote for Van Jones, the self-avowed communist.

It's a vote for reflexive criticism of the Cambridge cop who arrested a hysterical black Harvard Professor.

It's a vote for beer summits.

It's a vote for a President whose son would look like Trayvon.

It's a vote for a President who is praised for his "soaring" and "inspirational" oratory, all written for him by speechwriters and all read from Teleprompters.

It's a vote for a President who has "meetings" with businesspeople in the White House at which he reads to them from a Teleprompter, then leaves without taking any questions, leaving them shaking their heads.

It's a vote for a President who uses a Teleprompter to speak of elementary school students.

It's a vote for a President whose reelection campaign has consisted mostly of flinging mud and lying about his opponent. It's all been about "Romnesia" and Big Bird, and not about his own record at all.

It's also a vote for Joe Biden, who during the Vice Presidential debate claimed that he had voted against  both the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, when in fact he had voted for both of them.

It's a vote for Biden's comportment during that debate.

(In his own run for President, back in 1988, Biden not only plagiarized a speech by Neil Kinnock, the British Labor leader. He even claimed to have had a grandfather -- as Kinnock did -- who worked in the coal mines. Only problem was, he didn't.)

It's a vote to label as "millionaires and billionaires" those who make $250,000 and above.

It's a vote for ObamaCare, the Cornhusker Kickback, and the Louisiana Purchase.

It's a vote for the myriad of other backroom deals with less catchy names done to pass ObamaCare, such as the buyoff of the AMA, of the big pharmaceutical companies, and of AARP, each of whom got  goodies (read: bribes) to overcome their initial opposition.

It's a vote for a President who said that "Cadillac health plans" would be taxed, but then, when he found out that his union supporters had such plans, tried to exempt them.

It's a vote for a President who'd rather appear on Letterman and The View than meet with foreign leaders at the UN.

It's a vote for a President who refers to himself as "eye candy."

It's a vote for a man who married purely to have a beard.

It's a vote for a First Lady who loves living large, and doesn't seem to care who knows it.

It's a vote for a man who puts male underlings on the federal payroll so that he can have sex with them.

It's a vote for a President who had a three-day 50th birthday party.

It's a vote for a President who doesn't really like the business of governing, and doesn't like to meet with legislators.

It's a vote for withholding aid from Ambassador Chris Stevens and his three ex-Navy Seal bodyguards.

It's a vote for a liar who knew full well that the execution of Stevens was an al Qaeda attack, but for two weeks blamed it on a Youtube video anyway.

It's a vote for a man who as a U.S. Senator told a mostly black audience at Hampton University -- in a much heavier black accent than he normally uses -- that the federal government had suspended the Stafford Act (which requires that local communities put up 10% of the money required for disaster relief) for victims of 9/11, but not for the victims of Katrina, who were mostly black. Obama knew this not to be true, since he himself was at the Senate vote which suspended the Stafford Act just two weeks previously, by a vote of 84 -16. Not only that, Obama was one of the 16 Senators who voted against suspending the Act.

Just a reminder.