Taking over the world

Overheard recently from a college student:

"Let's face it, the Chinese are going to take over the world. No Chinese parents ever send their child to college in this country so he can major in English, or art history. They're all studying economics, or engineering, or computer science, or something like that."

[Have you ever even known a Chinese-American who majored in English or art history?]

"I'd call them by their names but I'm so afraid of getting them mixed up."

[Why don't more Asians get involved in street crime? Their victims would have a hard time picking them out of lineups.]

"The Chinese from China only hang out with other Chinese from China. But the Asians have sub-groups. There are the cool Asians....."

[At this point, I had to ask, "What's your definition of a cool Asian, one who spends only 98% of his free time studying?"]

Most whites think of Asians as nerdy and boring; I'm not disagreeing with that assessment. But most Asians must think of whites, especially American whites, as being awfully soft and self-indulgent.