Self Portraits & Bubble Necklaces

{Shirt: Jcrew, Necklace: Etsy, Jeans: Jcrew}

I am embarrassed to say that my OOTD shots while in the States were none. I was so optimistic...but alas...none. I did snap two pictures of myself one morning before eating lunch with friends. As seen in the pic, I recently bit the bullet and purchased a bubble necklace. I found this one on Etsy, and at $15, I was easily persuaded to try it, especially since it was Carolina blue (my alma mater - GO HEELS!). The polka dot Blythe was one of the shirts that I did purchase while home, and it is one of my favorites. I love the dot pattern, yet the neutrality of this shirt, to layer and wear year-round. 

funny package story: my necklace arrived right before I got to the States and was very excited about picking it up from the post office. When I arrived to the post office, I gave them my package slip and the man brings out a GIGANTIC box. Knowing there had to be some mistake, he asked if I was recipient's name on the box (it wasn't my name). Informing him I was not, he went back shuffled around for about 10 minutes and said, "Well, ma'am, it's already been picked up." Disagreeing that there was no way, since I had the package slip in hand and no one else in my family had come by the office, they did "post office like" detective work and discovered that they had, unfortunately, given away my cherished bubble necklace to someone with my same last name. In the end, "Mr. Roy" who had my bubble necklace, returned the package and I was finally able to claim it! Little did I know ordering a bubble necklace was so complicated!

This last picture is me and my niece. She was a hoot to be with the two weeks I was there. We had all sorts of adventures, and she always commented on my "blue necklace" when I wore it. That day of the picture she told me, "Emmy, you're wearing that blue necklace again. I like it." Three year olds can give great fashion advice!