Fall Festivities

{Jacket: Banana Republic, Shirt: Crewcuts, Corduroys: Jcrew, Belt: Jcrew, Boots: LEI}

Hubby and I helped at our school's Fall Festival on Saturday evening. We had prayed for the rain to hold off (and it did!); however, the fierce wind that replaced it was chill-y! I was thankful for my layers and the other jacket I had with me. 

Yesterday, Hubby and I had our longest run for our marathon training program. We ran 20 miles and are definitely feeling it today. I felt like I was suiting up for battle with my compression socks, iPod armband, Camelback water pack, Gu drops, etc. It is hard to believe that 13 weeks ago I was only running 3-5 miles max at a time. That is one thing I love about doing training programs - the discipline and structure always produce results!