Breathe !!! A Key to Transcending Duality

Breathe !

Around 45 years ago my parents took me to the Doctor.
For years it seems I had been fainting for no obvious reasons.
So they took me to Dr. Williams, our Family doctor.
Now first let me tell you about Dr. Williams.
He was at least 7 feet tall,
 at least he seemed that tall,
and he had a low calm voice,
 and a twinkle in his eye when he talked to me.
He always seemed to have a serious face,
 but to me he felt like he was smiling all over.
I went in the little room and waited for him.
He came in, and as I recall he had to stoop
 to avoid hitting his head on the door frame.
He smiled all over with his serious face and said,
 slowly and quietly, 
 Then he sat down across the little room,
 and folded his arms.
And he sat there.......
 and he sat there......
 and just quietly sat there it seemed like for hours,
 then finally said,
 “Jeffrey, we've been here for about five minutes....
.and you've only inhaled once...

Well as it turns out,
you have to breathe on a continual basis,
in order to remain healthy.
So I made an effort.

And now, all these years later, I still often forget.
But I have learned some interesting things about the breath in those years.
I fear talking to the average citizen about it would most likely just get me some strange, or blank, or possibly fearful stares.
 But what the heck, I've been meaning to put this down in words for a while.
You hear a lot about Nutrition these days,
 about how to eat well,
 how to nourish your body with adequate protein and fats and carbohydrates. 
We know about the importance of vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants.
 And if you really want to be healthy you better get some regular exercise.
 This is all pretty common knowledge....
But the Breath is more important than all of these.
The Breath activates everything. 
And just about Nobody,
Really knows how to breathe properly.
Now on the scientific level we could talk about the importance of bringing in the Oxygen, and dispelling the co2, and how this process fuels and cleans the system. But beyond this,
 on a more subtle level we have the Prana,
the Life Force that is the energetic counterpoint of the air we breathe in.
And upon this Prana every cell in our bodies,
and their energetic counterpoints.....
Human vitality is dependent upon how the prana is utilized.
Human disease is also ALWAYS linked to how this Prana,
this counterpoint of our Breath,
is utilized.
For thousands of years Yogis have learned to control their Breath;....
the outward manifestation of the movement of Prana....
and in so doing controlled their Prana.
Many amazing things can be accomplished with this ability.
Not the least of which is perfect health.
So now, to make this a really useful article for you to spend your precious time reading, I'm going to tell you some things, about Breathing, and the Breath that could completely change your life.
There are a lot of yogic breathing techniques out there,
and they are pretty powerful.
And if you want to pursue these I'm sure there are many avenues available these days.
But here is the key to it all.
When you breathe,
and when you do breathing exercises....
become aware of the areas that you withhold your breath from,
or that you breathe more into.

Herein lies the secret to perfect health:
Breath into it ALL Equally”,
that is all you have to do.
And to do this there is one simple step to take,
(maybe not so simple)...
And that is,
Suspend Judgment”.
You see, everything that we judge as bad...
about our selves, our past and the world around us....
we withhold our breath from.
And all these things,
even the seemingly external ones....
reflect within our bodies.
And when we have a judgment,
that usually is built upon fear
 (or it's manifestations like anger,).....
that exists in our bodies,
and when we withhold our breath from that thing
 we have judged as negative.... 
we are withholding the Prana from that specific location in our bodies.
Over time, this withholding of energy from cells, glands and centers in our bodies, will manifest problems. 
There is a story about how many indigenous tribes,
when someone would commit a really bad crime,
like murder,
the whole tribe would just ignore them,
would just withhold their attention from.
And the story says that often these folks who were ignored
would just get weak and die. 
That kind of illustrates my point about withholding the breath.   
And on the flip side of the Fear that created the judgment of Bad,
we have Desire, 
which creates the judgment of Good.
And those things we so greatly desire,
also reflect within our bodies.
And these things we breathe more into.
In fact we breath too much into them,
over feeding them with Prana,
giving them too much energy.
This also disrupts the balance of the bodies cells energy.
Too much energy/prana/oxygen,
is just as harmful as too little.
So maybe when the wise man once said,
Judge Not !.
Maybe in those simple words he was telling us to breathe freely...
quell our Fear and Desire.
and be healthy.
You know it takes real bravery to breathe into it all,
because as we allow the breath into those places where we have withheld it,
there is illumination of those Judgments we created from fear,
and if we are to face these things we have kept hidden,
through withdrawal of our breath....
now we must expose and face
with courage, and love...and without judgment.
And those Desires that were over-fed,
now we must withhold excess of Breath.
The breath is the key to transcending Duality
based in Desire and Fear...
and to re merging with One...
which is Love.