Announcing an Official End...

Well, it's that time. As you've all noticed by now, this blog hasn't had a new post in months! The reason for that is simple - LIFE! I have spent the last few years trying to take it all on and striving to be peaceful and happy... But it's become clear over the last year that the best way for me to fully connect to who I want to be is to clean off my plate. Unfortunately, while I loved writing here, I have come to the point where I need to officially put an end to this blog. I will be keeping many of the "Basic" posts up because the blog address is out there on a lot of "newbie" and "education" threads. But the majority of the posts will be moving over to my personal blog. I would LOVE for you all to follow me.

Until now, I have had, not one, but four blogs - separated by passion. Now, I've decided that since all of these things are a part of me, it only makes sense for them all to be in one place. So my personal blog will take over as the place for all my Pagan/Witchy blog posts, as well as links and whatnot, in addition to my blog posts about things like Natural Living, Homesteading, Politics, Healthy Lifestyle, Vaccine Education, Children, Education, Breastfeeding, and just about any - and every - thing else I decide to blog. I would LOVE to have all of you follow me! And I am sorry for the lack of posts here, but if I am going to be the me I want to be, it's time for me to make some changes!

See you all over at Sabrina's Thoughts & Things!
Sabrina's Thoughts &   Things
Blessings to ALL!