A Disappointing Crew Visit

I write from the great US of A today! I am currently visiting family & friends (my baby sister had a little boy two weeks ago) and am keeping the roads hot seeing everyone. In addition to seeing friends and family, one of the things on my to-do list was to stop by a Jcrew, and, wow, was I disappointed.

In anticipation of going to the Crew, I ordered some things to try on, knowing the Jcrew nearest to my house would not likely have the items I was looking at (unfortunately, I don't have pictures, but did want to let you know what I thought of the items):

   - Jcrew Pleated Maxi: I have been hunting for a pleated, neutral maxi for some time. I spotted one in a store in Spain; however, it was quite sheer and the slip stopped two inches above the knee, and just looked odd in my opinion. This maxi was featured in the Fall/Winter lookbook (Look # 25) and appeared to be a light champagne color (exactly what I was looking for!). However, disappointed #1 was found when I opened the box to find the light champagne skirt was a darker tan. The material was a Viscose texture and I loved the length, but the unlined feature of it made it not practical for me. I would have to find a floor length slip and would have to be careful the tops I wore and tucked in because it was thin enough to show through. So back this went...

  - Jules in Italian Paisley: I loved this dress at first sight on the website; however, the length was going to be the deciding factor in person. And disappointment #2, it was. I really don't know why the Jules is SO short. Because I know the average height of ladies is not 5 foot. I am 5'4" and the dress was 3-4" above my knee. As a dress, this is not practical for me to wear in an office without feeling inappropriately dressed. I think it would look cute as a tunic (over leggings or tights and boots or skinny jeans & a belt); however, for the price, a tunic is not worth that. The colors were very pretty and if this makes it to a sale and the price is more manageable, I may repurchase. The 00 fit me best and any larger on me would have looked too boxy.

  - Everly T-strap Pumps in Silk Foulard: I can't find these on the website right now - Jcrew seems to have hidden them away at the time. I really like these shoes. This was NOT a disappointment. The pattern is beautiful and has the cranberry, navy tones that I am loving for this fall. I tried my normal 7.5 and the footbed was too narrow for my foot, so I am trying a size 8 to see how they fit and if I will keep them. I believe this pattern is unique, but one that you will be able to match and put with many different options.

  - Blythe Blouse in Polka Dot: This is a great, layering top. 100% silk and the dot pattern is perfect and not too overwhelming. This one was a keeper for me and I know I can layer it in the Fall and Winter with many items in my closet.

As far as my opinion of the store itself, I really miss the "old" Jcrew. I could go in there and shop for hours, but one look this time, and I found myself thinking..."I have some version of that", "That is way too expensive", "That feels/looks cheap", and "I would never wear that". I browsed the sale rack and did see a pair of yellow toothpick jeans that I liked, but at 89.99 and no discount, I wasn't that tempted. 

What's happening Crew? Where are the days where quality was good and options were plentiful? Thankful I have a closet of older Crewdays and jackets and corduroys and pencil skirts that can keep me happily clothed for years to come. Maybe some day we'll get the old Crew back...