More Obama campaign slogans

Back in March, this blog suggested a few slogans for Obama's reelection campaign. Since then they decided on "Forward" (stealing the title of the publication Marx and Engels wrote for).

I was a little hurt that they didn't take any of my suggestions. But just in case they're willing to change their minds, I have a few more to offer:

Free money!

I'll have more flexibility after the election.

Who wants to be Triple-A anyway?

I only said no to the Osama killing three times!

Debt is not a four letter word.

Faster and Furiouser

It's about Bain, not the economy.

Turning the Supreme Court into The View!

Obama '12, Holder '16

Post-partisan AND post-racial!

Bringing fat cats like Corzine to justice!

Not voting for me is racist.