What to expect from Ryan's fashion line

I've always been a fan of Ryan Lochte-the-swimmer. He's shown incredible versatility, he's a tremendous racer, and he's trained extremely hard, both in the pool and on dry land.

The news this morning that Ryan would design his own fashion line gave me pause, however. While I'd love to be able to emulate him in the water, I can't say I'm wild about his sense of style.

Here are a few of his looks, photos courtesy of Huffpost:

This is Ryan's I'm-wearing-my-colorblind-father's-shoes look.

Wigger chic.

What the most uninhibited guy at your high school wore to the prom in 1975.

The bring-back-the-60's look. (It wouldn't be so bad if Ryan didn't look so proud of himself for wearing these outfits.)

Anybody would be proud of those medals. Flavor Flav would be proud of that grille.

Headwaiter at that restaurant with the mariachi band.

Evoking Marlon Brando from Guys 'n Dolls, 1955.

Sporting a backpack any tween girl would be proud to wear to middle school. (Even Phelps looks a little embarrassed to be seen with him here.)

The I-hate-being-white look. (Note the skull pendant -- badass!)

Ryan's new fashion line should attract a lot of interest from the look-at-me crowd.