Saving Seed

Every year we save a lot of seed.
Not just for the garden the following year,
but to get us through the Winter months
with fresh Greens, in the form of Sprouts
We save Kale, arugula,watercress,chive,catnip,dock,lettuce,endive,chard,plantain,self name a few/bunch.
Still have 3 quarts of parsley from last year...
So here's a pic of some Kale drying on the clothesline.

 Here's some more on the other end

Here I've rubbed off the seed pods into a tub,
wearing gloves so as not to get little slivers.

Here's a tub full.
 Then I rub them between my hands breaking up the seed pods and releasing the seeds.
(Kale is an easy seed to do)
Then I sifted out the pods with a colander. 
Here's a nice bowl full
Then I blow out the fine stuff.
Little beauties, future Greens
Here's our first jar of the season of them... plenty more to come yet.
Now here is an important little trick I figured out after getting into buggy seeds several Springs.

Put in some diatomaceous earth.

 We actually don't get the above kind, we get 50 pound bags as cheap at the Feed Store.
You can get food grade, so it's OK to eat.... 
It isn't a poison, rather it is like Microscopic Swords...super sharp little knives..
That cut the crawly bugs up inside, or get in their skin, poking em full of hole and they just dry up and die.

Well that's what you get for trying to steal my families Winter food.

Check out the diatom pic below.