Pining for Pinehurst

OK, so I'm no geography expert but I always thought of North Carolina as so...well, NORTH.  I mean it is an East coast state and it's pretty far from South Texas.  We just returned from a trip there and it seriously felt like home.

I'm such a sucker for a giant front porch and rocking chairs and this resort had more square footage on their many expansive porches than we do in both our house and the lake house combined!  And never have I seen more rocking chairs.  Ever.  Also, everybody had an accent not totally unlike ours and there was cornbread at every meal.  Southern.  How is it that it takes two airplanes headed NE to still be surrounded by Southern hospitality and grits??

I really enjoyed myself.  I could sit on the porch for hours...wait.  We did.  I have to say though, a mint julep is still just too much for me though.

The highlight of the trip and really the main purpose was when my husband took my son to play the very famous Pinehurst #2 course.  It's the Ryder Cup course for God's sake and they got to play it!  I'll have you know, that not a single bit of photographic evidence did my husband remember to preserve!  Really??

And as a side bar, I'm reminded of an old Rosie O'Donnell joke.  "Golf is not a sport.  Golf is men in ugly pants walking."