At least he's not a gold digger

Gold diggers have a justified reputation for being some of the slimiest creatures around. They feign affection in order to entrap some successful man in an effort to gain access to his money. They tend to be very manipulative and self-centered. A lot of them are sociopaths; most are at least narcissistic personalities.

(Anna Nicole Smith, who at age 26 married 89-year-old J. Howard Marshall, who was worth $500 million)

A male gold digger, who marries a woman for her money, somehow seems even worse. Many of the most publicized cases have been of gay men who marry rich women who are either extremely old or extremely addled. When you hear about a case like this, it's hard not to think, what a slimeball.

(David Gest, who was briefly married to Liza Minelli)

Of course, straight guys who marry for the money are no better.

John McCain left his first wife, a former model, after she'd been in a disfiguring automobile accident, in order to marry Cindy Lou Hensley, whose father owned one of the largest Anheuser-Busch distributorships in the nation. Cindy helped bankroll McCain's first run for Congress in 1980.

John Kerry married Teresa Heinz, the billionaire widow of Senator John Heinz, in 1995. (Has character ever been better reflected in a face?)

Would either of these men have married their wives had those women not been extremely rich?

Both McCain and Kerry signed pre-nups before getting married, but both men still obviously benefit from access to their wives' fortunes. Kerry keeps a yacht moored in Rhode Island and McCain famously couldn't recall how many houses he owned during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

What does it say about politics that two recent major party Presidential nominees both apparently married for money? What would you have thought had Anna Nicole Smith, or David Gest, run for President? McCain and Kerry are obviously far more intelligent and far more presentable. But is their character all that different?

I've always wondered why their apparent gold-digging tendencies didn't get more attention. I suppose because it's hard to prove. (How does one prove that someone doesn't really love his wife?)

Every time I hear the Democrats excoriate Mitt Romney for being a plutocrat, I can only think, well, at least he earned his own money.