Touch Their Light

Touch Their Light

I was thinking over the happenings of today.
At Saturday Market.
We were very blessed 
and surprised
by a visit from some wonderful people.
KC and Lee Ann.
They live in Minnesota
used to live here.
We were blessed because of the bright energy 
they brought to our booth.

  Most of my connection with them  has been over the internet.
Where I know KC as Kevin.
And I am REALLY REALLY bad with faces.
(Luckily Taryn is like a savant
with recognizing faces).
Like today some folks came to our booth who bought some buttons from us at Holiday Market.
Last Christmas...
Where we deal with a ton of people.
She recognizes em,
remembers what they bought
and probably whatever life story they told her back then..)
Then when Kevin said his name was KC,
it kinda took me for a spin
cuz I was pretty sure that dude
who was standing there Shining in our booth
name was Kevin. 
Anyway it all sorted out.
and we were blessed by their bright shiny presence..
So their visit was a major high point of the day...
A Bright spot of Light.

There's this schizophrenic woman who lives on the street.
We see her most every weekend,
She screams a lot and has dogs that go nuts some times..
Anyway a while back we got in to town to set up at Market,
 and I hadn't eaten much of my breakfast.
Meatballs with a bunch of powdered liver I mixed in
with onions and garlic in a bone broth that was cooked down into like a gravy, sauerkraut, and collards.
All organic of course
Were talking some hard core Powerful Foodstuffs here.
Anyway I went over and asked if she'd like it..
She did.
That has sort of become a regular thing now, 
The last three weeks,
and today I had breakfast and lunch to share..
And the thing is,
She is living in a dark hole.
But there is a bright Light in there.
That same Light that is in every human.
And when I have given her the food,
even when she was in the middle of an angry rant..
or just coming out of unconsciousness .

I could see her Light
and I could touch it
And her Light
knew my Light.
And each time
 for a moment...
....she shines..
And so does my heart..

I guess that could sound like gibberish.

But it's not.

And then there's this guy there
he's a vendor.
And he lives in a very dark world.
Not sure why...
And I've tried to touch his Light
whenever I could.
And once I could almost feel it..
The shine started to come.

But today
there was such a wall there
 I just didn't feel like
  And I was with Bracken..
And for once I didn't try.
I didn't want Bracken
 having to deal with that Wall.
That dark, whirling, mass of a wall.
Totally surrounding the poor dudes Light.
Then at the end of the day
when we were packing up.

He got in an actual physical fight
 with another vendor..
Cops came
the whole crazy thing....

And I just wondered if I would have tried..
to touch that Light in him.
If maybe the fight might not have happened.

And after ruminating on these and other things I came to think,
The best thing we can do for another human,
is reach out with our Light
and touch theirs.

I just remember what the Tibetan always said.
He said when we communicate with another person,
we should communicate from our soul,
to theirs.
Not from our personalities,
not from our ideas,
or our emotions....

But from our Hearts....

Our Souls.

Touch their Light