Summer Strolls

{Top: Anthropologie, Pants: Jcrew, Flats: Spain, Bracelets: Jcrew}

There are things that I took for granted in the States before we came to fast internet. Road Runner, DSL, all those nice speedy connections aren't here in Spain. I'm not super tech-y (i.e. know on average how many "mbps" we stream), but I do know that our internet is quite slow. Such is the fact in that tonight hubby and I planned to have a mini-movie date at the apartment but do to the said slow internet, our movie is still downloading and will finish downloading in iTunes our time around 11:30pm. Therefore, sorry friends, but there's just no way I can stay up to watch a 2 hr. movie at that hour. My genetics will kick into gear and I will fall asleep probably within the first 30 minutes.

So instead we took a stroll around another area of our neighborhood. Maybe the movie download incident happened for the good because we did get to see a beautiful sunset looking out over the Spanish hills :)