Rethinking Rookie Mistakes

Having a come to Jesus talk with Jaymie's dad had not been nearly as much fun as I had imagined, at least during the entire 2.3 minutes I spent actually thinking ahead and imagining it at all.   I really screwed myself.  How would I ever get Jaymie to send me the rest of the emails?  No way she'll talk to me again.  I still had so many questions!  So many, that if I had written them all down, it would have read like War & Peace.  (mostly the War part)  Why would she help me now?  I stuck it to her but good!  Told dear old Dad!  I felt confident that he'd be telling Mom about their baby girl/whore bag's secret sex life any minute, too!  I showed all my cards, threw 'em all out on the table, went all in and I did not have an ace up my sleeve.  Another Rookie mistake that might help some of you.  If you have any leverage....don't use it too soon!

Told Richard about the conversation with James, Jaymie's dad.  (James, Jaymie...cute, right?  Or did you throw up a little in your mouth?)  Can you guess Richard's reaction?  Yep...that's right, Friends!  Mortified, Horrified and Petrified! Abso-fucking-lutely a guilt ridden, pathetic, regretful nub of a man.
He wanted to crawl in a hole and hide out until this wicked storm from hell, of his own creation, blew over.  If he had gone underground, he would have been in his hidey-hole for an extended period.  My vengeful behavior didn't subside for months.

With his last ounce of dignity, Richard managed to email James and apologize.  He also thanked him for treating me with so much compassion.  There's a cavernous gap between how Richard reacts to stressful situations and how I deal with such issues.  He is calm (generally) and soft spoken, practically oozing decorum.  I just let it rip.  Call it as I see it.  If the situation demands it, raise my voice and let the profanity fly.  Appearances be damned.  I'm not out to impress anybody.  I just wanna get my way.

James responded to Richard with the patience and forgiveness of a Saint!  He was so sorry to hear about what had transpired.  He would be talking with Jaymie that night.  He was very disappointed in Richard as he had enjoyed meeting him and had hoped they could work together in a few upcoming investment opportunities.  Oh, Holy Night!  Are you kidding me?  This was Christian forgiveness on a whole new level...almost Divine intervention, if you will.

Epic fail.  I had drawn no blood from my enemies, yet I continued to hemorrhage profusely.  Richard was embarrassed, sure.  Big Whoop.  Jaymie would probably get a stern lecture, but I wouldn't get to witness it.  No retribution.  Extremely unsatisfying in my quest for payback.  Worse yet, my information seeking just became mission next-to impossible.  Time to regroup.

The fact that Richard didn't choose to give up on us after I outted him to Jaymie's dad was not lost on me.  His reaction earned him some substantial points to be redeemed at a later date.  I knew how much he hated dragging anyone else through our personal pig-pen mud bath, which is precisely why I so thoroughly enjoyed tossing the stinky sod around.  He should have been furious, but he didn't even ask me why.  He only asked how I was, had it been hard on me and he was so very sorry for all the pain he had caused to everyone.  Then, he suggested a night away, just the two of us.  Sometime alone to reconnect.

We had been going on date nights.  Cocktails, lovely dinners and a bit of PDA. Why not step it up a notch?  A couples massage, cocktails, the lovely dinner, some PDA, gazing deeply into each others eyes, whispered words of amour, lots of uninterrupted hysterical bonding, plus breakfast in bed!

Sure.  I could get on board with that plan.  Might as well.  I didn't have anymore ammo to toss toward Jaymie...not right then, anyway.