Palm Springs

Kept it simple today with my outfit but added one of my favorite cheerful necklaces! I'm on an every-other-day schedule at school right now, so today was my "day off". 

This tee was a "new-found" item into my wardrobe. New-found being - I bought it at Jcrew 2 seasons ago, and it had a cute corsage detail on the right side. Being me, I spilled something at the bottom that was orange, and I couldn't get it out for the life of me. So I took it to the dry cleaners and when the shirt came back, I was horrified! The corsage fabric had bled all over each other and it look awful!! So it sat in the dump pile for a long time, but I guess I am part hoarder because I couldn't throw it away (bleeding colors and all). So I decided to put my limited crafting skills into play and I removed the corsage part, put it in my efficient, well-cleaning European washer, and VOILA! No more bleeding stains and I get a new white vneck tee :) Magic friends :)

{Top: Jcrew, Necklaces: Jcrew (Palm Spring & St. Kitts (navy))}

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