Note to Rhonda

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For other readers this is some discussion on methods of "Going into the Light".
Hey Rhonda,
I wouldn't start with ideas or concepts...too easy to get distracted and fall into thoughts. It's best to start with something very simple, with little possibility of distraction. Depending on if you are more visual or auditory. Visual: Find a place of total darkness...TOTAL, so there's no hint of Light. Putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth can be helpful.. Keep your eyes open, look in front of you like you are looking up through your third eye. Keeps thoughts quiet, see the Light there...let go into it.  Don't try too hard...It's there and it's not a matter of trying as much as totally relaxing and letting it be, and getting past the mental thing that says there is no light in the darkness....  Another method is sit in a place where all that is in your field of vision is a blank white wall. So that's all you can see... Let go into the whiteness. Let go into that.....

If you are more auditory, Get somewhere quiet, plug your ears... but listen with your whole body until you hear ...... the sound of Vibration....  It's there as well, it's not a matter of trying but of getting past a lifetime of covering it up, of being so used to it that you don't notice it any more. 
This sound is the Light on a different level and you can let go into that until it fills every cell in you...and expands out and fills Eternity.

The eventual result is our more natural pure state which is Blissful.

There are difficulties: the identification we have with the body.... we think we must hear with our ears, or see with our eyes...but this isn't really the case here. 
We are also very tightly bound to our definition of the world, which in reality has little to do with what is, yet we adhere to it's rules, and when we stray beyond it's boundaries.... the Unfathomable on the other side, gives us fear.  
The thing is Seeing the Light, or Hearing the sound is beyond our comfort zone... and it is not accomplished with our usual means of perception.  We are accustomed to perceiving through our physical organs but going into this we have to understand that it's not going to work that way... it's not going to be like anything we've .....known before.... so the letting go can be difficult.   Plus once you have let go to a certain point... you cease being who you were, and in contemplation actually merge with what you are contemplating.  For humans accustomed to their narrow band of awareness, this can be very frightening and stops most folks. If you are vigilant you will recognize the point where your perception shifts from the old mode to the new. It can be kind of a weird, disorienting feeling. So I don't know, depending upon how you work, bravery might be a key, or Faith, or a "scientific" understanding of the process, or just a willful pushing forward. Another type of person expands through Love, some through Devotion, some through what you might call Ceremonial Magic ...and order. There's basically 7 main ..... routes, which one is best for an individual depends on just where they are in evolution. 
Yeah, and the "writing" you mentioned is part of the fear mechanism, keeps us grounded in our old way of thinking and perceiving...when the point is to get beyond that.   I had some pretty .... hmmm, funny experience with this.  I was taught many different methods of getting to the Light, and experienced them  ....  But I made a big mistake that I call my Humpty Dumpty Episode that .... really messed me up, and after that episode every time I went to Meditate I'd start doing it using some particular method..... then just as I was about to go into the Light part of me would say, "do this other method"...which I'd then do, taking it right to the edge, and then saying again, try this method.   So I'd do a whole bunch of techniques, but wouldn't let them bring me all the way.   There is a really good book, it's called, "this is Reality".  I'm sure it's out of print, but you could probably find it on Amazon, I saw it there once, loaned mine to someone and never got it back.  Anyway it's another translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and unlike Alice Baileys, it's in a language that anybody can understand. I think it'd blow you away.  It's written by Roy Eugene Davis, I think he was a student of Paramahansa Yogananda, who was a pretty hip dude.
Did you say you lived in Southern Oregon.... Grants Pass, That's where Taryn's Dad and step Mom live I'm pretty sure.
Anyway I've been up since 4 am, and it's gettin late.
Many Blessings,