Making Kale Chips... Way too Amazing

Kale is one of the most potent Vegetables.
I've heard it called a Vitamin Pill in a Plant
We eat Loads of it
and grow loads of it.
 We needed a way to be able to store it for eating later.
So I decided to make some "Kale Chips".
I bought some from a store once 
and they weren't all that good.
But I figured I'd try.

So First I put took out the stems
Put em in a big bowl and pounded em
with salt and Garlic Powder.
 We actually always use Himalayan Crystal Salt
as unlike ordinary sodium chloride you get in the store
which is deadly
Himalayan Crystal salt is good for you.
It's actually what is in the "Redmond Real Salt" shaker
in the picture above.
 Once it was all pounded
and the salt was pulling the water out I added some olive oil and nutritional yeast
then I put it in the dehydrator
on the low temp so as not to destroy the enzymes.
 Left it there till the next day...
It Tasted so amazing.
There isn't much left in the pic here because Bracken is a fiend for it
Even though I put in too much salt.

It is soo freakin good