Jcrew Fall Arrivals: Wishlist!

Jcrew's Fall arrivals debuted early this morning, and I am SO glad I held off from Final Sale!

I love Fall clothing! Layers and wool and saturated colors...ahhh...

A few things caught my eye and I added them to my "wish list":

1. No. 2 Pencil skirt in Snakeskin: I am usually not a huge animal print lover, but I like this print and the neutral colors. I can already think of many color combos and outfits I could concoct with this beauty. $158 though...hoping the price will drop.

2. Zig-zag Tee in Sequin: this top was featured in the lookbook, and I really liked it because it was 1) mint 2) chevron pattern. I've been eyeing a good chevron top for my closet. The only I'm unsure about this one is the sequiny factor. I don't want to scream 80s or blind people with my sequin reflecting light, so I'm curious to see reviews on this one.

3. Cafe Capri in Silky Dot: I really LOVE these pants. I like the neutrality of them and the specialness they have with the silk and polka dots. This is a pair of patterned pants that are a bit more subtle in my opinion.

There were also a couple items on the Collections website that were up my alley as well (i.e. Schoolboy in Herringbone in the peachy pink) but those look to be coming in future rollouts.

What were your favorites?