How do we come consistantly from the Heart.

A new friend asked me about advise I might have about living from our heart every moment.
Because she realized it was the key to touching the Light in others. 

Any person that would ask that question,
would be a person that it would be an honor and a blessing to know.

I'm afraid that I might talk
 a little too far out on the edge sometimes 
for most peoples comfort.

So thank you also for Hearing.

Wouldn't it be amazing if we all could just do that.
It'd be a world full of Saints.

I was just thinking about this today when
 I was shaping and sanding buttons. 
I had a massive amount I wanted to get done.
And was probably slightly nervous about it. 
Worrying about getting the bills paid, etc.
 And I realized that the buttons only formed well,
 when I was totally quiet.

 And that only when I was totally quiet,
would they be
 a real blessing upon whoever they will go to.
 And once I got quiet it flowed,
 and they formed beautifully. 

 Here's an interesting little thing. 
My sanding machine is very noisy,
 and I wear ear plugs .
 And whenever I get really quiet,
 I start singing..
 It just kind of happens automatically. 
 And it's always variations on the same basic song,
 and it's not in English...
it sounds tribal, more like a long chant. 
 When this first happened to me I didn't even notice...
my wife pointed it out to me.. 
She also tells me I speak in this other language when I'm asleep.
 I never noticed because when I was speaking it... I knew/felt exactly what I was feeling, and the words/chants just flowed from that,
And I didn't even realize it wasn't English.
 but if someone who heard me asked me what the words mean,
 I'd probably have no idea.
(Interestingly enough, the day my Daughter was born,
she spoke very clearly and for a long time in this other language.)
Anyway so if I am singing this song,
 from a quiet place,
 it sounds loud and booming.

 But there have been times when I was working,
and noticed my head or emotions 
were running away with themselves, 
and I really needed to shut the heck up
 if I wanted to make some balanced and blessed creation.  
So I tried singing the song that I sing
 when I am quiet,
 as like a pathway there...
to the Quiet

And when I did it
 it sounded so quiet that I could barely hear it.
And it didn't matter how much louder I sang,
I could still barely hear it.
And then I realized that 
The Quiet
Is a Valid Choice
Actually the most Powerful choice we can make.

And that in order to come from our Hearts/Souls
We have to be quiet.
And we each have the power to make that choice.
Even though so much in the world seemingly conspires
To steal our Peace
We just have to make that choice.

We Choose Peace.

AHHH, that's better.

But what kind of tools can we use to help us 
find that Peace...?
To touch that Light within us
and everything else.

Well right now for me,
 sanding buttons works pretty well
as it's an exercise in Contemplation/Focus.
There are really so many Pathways to Peace..
But here's an idea:

If you haven't read the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali..
Alice Bailey and the Tibetan wrote an excellent translation...
and subtitled it,
"The Light of the Soul" 

Because really our goal here
 is to re connect with our hearts...and souls

But let me put those Sutras
 in a Nut Shell:

Quiet the mind and emotions
 Observe the mind working
 Observe Everything else within the abilities of your perception.
 Listen to everything you can hear..
 Don't hold anything back with judgments or fears
Don't cling to things.
Just let it All Equally Be. 

The mind and emotions
are just a couple more things 
floating in the Sea of it All.

Listen for the Roar that is within
That ties everything together.
It's right there...always
as soon as we can be quiet enough.

And the thing about that Sound is
if you let go into it..
You will see the Light.

And it turns out the Light...
and the Sound
are the same thing.. 

And they are our souls Goal.

Our personal beginning 
on the wheel of Life/evolution
was there..
And we have turned away
and are now turning back 
to our Beginning.

Returning to our Beginning
 in the Purity of that Light.

Once quiet is achieved
One Pointed Attention
One pointed Focus...
Upon whatever,
 can lead you 
to the Beginning .

But since the Beginning
 was the Light
and Sound.
These are some pretty good items to focus upon.

You see, anything we allow ourselves to
Let Go Into
(Which is Contemplation)

Will lead us to the Light
Since that is at the Heart of Everything.

Some people might call that Light God..
But that word has so distanced itself
from what it is meant to symbolize..
I prefer to leave it out of the conversation.

So, the "First step to Union"
According to Old Patanjali.
is through Concentration...
which is the one pointed silent focus on something...
It can be anything.
The sound you hear with your fingers in your ears..
Or the Light you see in total darkness
or a small stone..
or an idea...
Focus on them
remove your thoughts and emotions from the mix
simply focus at it...

The next step is Contemplation,
which is Letting go into it...

Following the concentration to the heart of the thing
we come to the Light of it,
and we let go into that..
This Letting go into something
 is called contemplation..

The next step is Meditation. 

And again in a Nutshell I'd define Meditation as,

Silently Letting go into EVERYTHING.

And Letting Everything BE.

Because the Noise is built upon our thoughts
and judgments
of everything around us.
We have some kind of emotional and mental history
with just about everything we percieve.

And that History
That perception
is pretty far from what IS.

Being Quiet means letting go of our ideas
and judgments of things
and just letting them be.

But maintaining that state of Quiet all the time...

Coming from our hearts
our Souls in every moment

Is difficult.

But really just a choice.. 

And I can think of no better goal.