From the Depths of the Closet

We had dinner tonight with some of our dear friends here in Spain that are moving to Hungary to do other ministry there. I hate goodbyes, people. I had to say way too many goodbyes almost a year ago when we moved here, so now having to say them again, it's just no fun. 

But to make this a happy blog post, and not a sour one...I was pondering what to wear tonight. Now understand our dinner location was the one and very fancy (not), Burger King. We went there to relax, sit outside, and let their two little boys play to their little hearts content, so a fancy outfit was not needed and it's a billion degrees here in Spain (I might be exaggerating a little). 

So I dug back into the depths of my closet to a dress I can't remember the last time I wore. I actually got this dress during Rebajas (the twice a year big clearance sale that take place at stores here in Spain) when we first visited Spain back in 2009. But I really haven't worn it at's a nice dress and easy to wear. I think it's just the simplicity of it that makes me feel like I have to do something to make it not "boring". Now that I wear it, however, it's growing on me. Maybe I'll move it to the front of my closet now, and show it some more love. 

{Dress: H&M (old), Necklace: Jcrew Elephant pendant, Bracelets: Jcrew, Flip Flops: Jcrew, Bag: Spain}