-Embrace MuchFull Bountiness- And Who we Really Are..

Embrace Muchful Bountiness


Simply Be

Words are so Powerful 

The Simplest....

is the The Most Vast.

The "Old Magic" lied in manipulating Archetypes

Influencing the Roots.

The more Impeccable a person becomes.

The more their words Influence the Roots.

In these amplified times
the Words of the Quiet Ones

Shape the World

And at the Root of the word
is the archetype.
That guides the Life of Whatever 
the word defines.

If you wanna know the Truth
You gotta go to the Roots

To the very Tip

You see we tend to think that we are this person
who has evolved to this point where we are at right now,

and that person is

 Who we are...

...The End result of Lifetimes
 of Trials and tribulations.

The road has been long and hard in places,

but we persevered through...

We made it to where we are now..

We have been told by our Guides
that our task was to Transcend all the Maya,
all the ,"Illusion". 
To Ascend to a higher level of Awareness,

beyond who we once were..

But here it is Folks:

That isn't who we are..

There is nothing to rise above...

Who we are ,
Our Perfect Self

Is everything we have ever been,
and some things we haven't.

We look back down the road we traveled..

We must learn to Love

 all the Life that has been before..

 Love all that is 


We have been believing for the Longest time that,
"We are really something".

But the Truth is

We Are Really Everything.

That realization is a Shift in Consciousness

That is beginning to Roll over the World..

It can be so scary,

"If I become Everything,

What happens to Me"?. 

And people are feeling that,

But maybe defining it as something else,

And gettin freaked out,

some gettin medicated...


The one who has been Hurt so many times, Cries.

In my eyes,
Being who we Really are...

Seems the point...

The Truth is,

we are so much more than

who we think we are..

But we've just been afraid to Embrace that. 

We've become attached to the Surface

of who we totally are..

Because Looking back through all we have ever been
will take us to some really dark places
Where we really don't want to go.

 I considered why most folks don't remember their Past Lives,
And saw, for One thing...
Death, and birth are quite often 
such hardcore things
we'd just as soon Forget.
Push it into a dark corner of our being..

But it doesn't go away..

Everyone of us has been built upon a duality

We've known Pleasure..
And Pain..

And we sought that Pleasure

and ran, or hid from...
the Pain.

Pushing it away into a dark corner of our souls.

We simply block those parts of our History

that didn't feel good.

Deny aspects built into our own DNA. 


So the question is,
How do we deal with all these pasts
 that we have hidden from ourselves.

How do we again Incorporate them
back into,
Who we Totally Are.

I guess there are many answers,

Seven major paths,

and countless
upon those.

The First Answer that came 

upon remembering how I used to often
 find my way
to the Light.

Was Kriya Yoga,
or Yoga of the transformation into the "Death" state.
(For me these were very similar)

This is approaching it from the First Ray
The Ray of Will

Willfully allowing the Light to Illuminate the Darkness
Workin on an archetype level.
No need to attend to the worldly details.
No Psychotherapy
No Past Life Regression Therapy
Silently traveling over the souls landscape.
A Clear Golden White Wind

If you look,
in ultimate Silence
Into your Third Eye
You can see a Reflection of your souls Journey.
And if you focus your attention
on the other side of that..
To the Beginning..
to the,
The Light in the Distance

You come to this Place

Where Light pervades all that is

infuses itself back into our archetypes that are 

hiding in the Dark.

Then when there are no more shadows
cast in that Light

We can see the totality
of who we are...

It's Blissful

And as I said,

Who we Are



Long day at Market
Many Blessing
Slipping into 

Guess I'm done with this post, 
Maybe in future ones we will consider the other 6 paths..