El Rio

We took a day trip into Madrid today to walk down by a newly renovated area by the river (el rio) on the west side of Madrid. This area used to be the dump site of the local matadero (slaughterhouse) and other businesses until 2004 when the Mayor decided to invest in it as a project. Through works the last 8 years, they have transformed the area into a walking, biking, and skating area. There was even a little beach area where you could lay out and sunbathe by the river. 

We enjoyed it thoroughly. There is always something new to find when visiting Madrid.

I'm on the hunt to find some vintage shops in Madrid! I'll keep you posted :)

By one of the puentes (bridges) along the river

{Top: Jcrew, Shorts: Jcrew, Sandals: Jcrew}

little secret: I scored this top two summers ago for $7 at a Jcrew. However, since then, I edited it a bit from its original version. It originally had bright pink pom-poms, and I realized that the pom poms really kept me from wearing the tunic a lot. Especially after one of my co-workers said I looked very "Bollywood", which just wasn't the look that I was going for. So, I de-pompomed the shirt, and I like it much better. So if you have this top in your closet, unused, perhaps de-pompoming will give it a new chance to become more integrated within your closet! :)