Day Trips to Enchanted Cities!

Today, we took a day trip to a small town, called Cuenca, outside of Madrid. One thing I love about day trips is that they are much cheaper than an extended vacation and you still get to see the major sites.  Cuenca was no let down either. It is a cute, Spanish town with a lot of character. And is known for its site - Las Casas Colgadas (the Hanging Houses).

{Top: Jcrew Raindrop Lace, Pants: Jcrew, Necklace: Jcrew}

These houses were awesome! They literally were built right into the cliff. Originating back to the 14th century, one of these houses was actually a summer home to the Spanish Royal Family!

With the handsome hubby :)

We rounded out our trip to Cuenca with a stop over (and up the mountain) to the Enchanted City (Ciudad Encantada). This area holds TONS of rock formations that have been created from water erosion over time. This was one of our favorites and landed itself a good prop for some photos. 

We had a great day trip! I love seeing different parts of Spain. We are certainly trying to take advantage of our time here in this last year and see as much as we can!