4 12 gallons of Kraut

We eat fermented food with every meal. 
 Most folks should considering what Antibiotics, processed foods and vaccinations, and drinking water with chlorine and fluoride do to the most important part of the human body when it comes to health...the Gut. 
 Basically "civilized" life destroys health by destroying the center of a bodies health,
 by destroying the good bacteria which we need to be healthy, 
and promoting the pathogenic bacteria that are at the heart of so many of Mankind's Ills. 
So one thing we can do to help repair this damage is put back some of the good bacteria..
(The next thing folks can do is starve out the pathogenic bacteria, but sadly a lot of folks aren't willing to give up the foods that feed the problem...namely grains.)
We finished off our 50 pounds or so of pickles a long time ago, so we keep making Sauerkraut...and barely keeping up.

We just ran out this morning of the last batch, I checked the new one and it was plenty done... YIPEE!!

 You can see it here, Bubbling Away

Potent Batch

Full of good Probiotics