Strange Dreams

Strange Dreams

I've been having some very strange Dreams Lately.
Most have taken place in the Middle East.
One was in someplace like maybe Bosnia.

What is strange about these dreams is that the people in them are speaking in foreign languages.

I guess I should first mention that my "normal" dreaming
is very Lucid..
And  most mornings I wake up tired
after a long night of dream after dream after dream.
Each one  a long adventure of some sort.
Some are with recurring folks that I've never met during waking.

But anyway, lately these dreams in foreign lands 
and languages...
Have been disturbing.

A while back I was in a cave like home
built in some dunes in the desert
Outside there was fear of American soldiers.

In one helicopters were flying low mowing everybody on the streets down with machine guns.
In another "we" were hiding in these rocky outcroppings
from soldiers in armored vehicles..
I thought this might be Afghanistan .

A few nights ago I was with a group of folks
I was wandering in this place in the desert
some kind of facility with large white Tanks
lots of pipes and stuff.
These 2 guards came upon me
I showed them some kind of badge
 and they took me into a room full of other folks,
not locals
from different countries.
I felt we were being Held there.
But nothing bad was happening to us.
We just couldn't leave.

But a couple nights ago I had a few dreams,
 one being the most disturbing. 

I was in Iran
somehow I knew that.
On the coast in a city with an L in it's name.
It had been totally bombed by the US.
People were living in underground parking garages.
Eating garbage they found in the streets.
One guy had an old rotten watermelon rind.
Like it was a treasure.
People were dying everywhere from starvation.
There was no electricity and people had little fires going in this underground garage.

American planes were still flying over.

The people were speaking in a foreign language...
I was there but it was like I was invisable.
I wasn't interacting in any of these dreams with the folks around me...

The feelings from these dreams follow me throughout the day..
and days...

Full color (all my dreams are)
Total detail of stuff I've never seen before...

What the Heck?