Post-Vacay Blues

My in-laws left out this morning to return back to NC from their trip with us this past week. While they were here, we traveled to Alicante, one of the towns that borders Spain's famous Costa Blanca. If there has ever been a time when I wish I lived at the beach, man, this was it. 

We stayed at a hotel that was a former mansion in a town called Sant Joan d'Alacant. It was a neat place and the only downside was that it was 2 km (1.5 miles) from the beach but luckily there was great public transportation to take you right to the water. 

{Top: Jcrew, Pants: Jcrew}

The Mediterranean was gorgeous. I grew up going with my family to Myrtle Beach, SC every year as a part of my dad's side family reunion (one year we numbered over 100 people!), but this beach holds no candle to the Atlantic Ocean. In the back of the photo as well, you can see some of the mountain ranges that border the area. It was quite a breath-taking view that was hard to capture via camera.

{Top: Jcrew Raindrop Lace tee, Shorts: Jcrew, Hat: H&M, Purse: Jcrew}

We enjoyed our three days there greatly and it was a wonderful time to relax. I was super sad to board the train back home and step back into reality. Someday Costa Blanca...someday I'll be back...