Barcelona and Adventures with Group #1!

{Shirt: Jcrew Medallion Paisley ('09), Skirt: Jcrew Jardin midi}

One of my college roommates and her husband visited us this past week here in Spain. While they were here, we booked an overnight trip to Barcelona to see the sights and finally see Spanish coastline! We toured the Sagrada Familia (a must if you are visiting Barcelona). This is the church that Gaudi designed and it is truly worth every euro you pay. The design and massiveness of this church is breathtaking and it isn't done yet! It began construction in the 1820s and is hoping to be completed fully by 2030! We all decided that in 18 years we should come back and see the completion of the church! We took along Rick Steve's guide to Barcelona, and it was SO helpful. Definitely recommend it if you're traveling to an unknown area.

It was so nice to see beaches. The weather was gorgeous and we were even able to catch a few rays on the shore. 

{Shirt: Old Navy, Cardigan: Jcrew, Shorts: Jcrew, Belt: Anthro}

It's always so much fun to show friends where you live especially since we live in Spain at the moment. We hope A & T enjoyed their trip and we are currently resting up for our next set of visitors that arrive Sunday morning. The blogging frequency is **unfortunately** lagging right now as we will be hosting guests until the end of this month, but I will certainly post as I am able. 

Hope each of you are having a great start to your summer!!