Announcement Time!

Gotta write a quickie post to share some very cool news!  
I heard about this from: Being a Beautiful Mess.

There's a new support board in town, Ladies!
Created by: I Have an Exciting Announcement!!! « If Happy Ever After Did Exist…

I'll tell you this... I am so bad at all this techie computer stuff!  I'm sure you've noticed I can't even publish pictures on my blog!  That's right...very lame!
So, if I can figure out how to navigate a is a Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner success!

This is no small feat!  This is a big freakin' deal!  Let's get on board and support each other today and all the others that are sure to suffer the impact of infidelity after us.  Please check it out!

ANNOUNCING:  (wish I had an audio drum-roll!)   After The Betrayal

One more thing...thanks to all of you that read my ramblings.  Thanks to those of you that comment from time to time.  I have come to need you all in my life.  You have helped me so much more than I can express with mere words.  I lack the communication skills!
I would be so very grateful to help someone else in return.  I'm hopeful that by visiting this new board frequently, I may be able to do just that!

Hope & Hugs to you all!