A Little Perspective

OK, I don't read the Newspaper
I don't Have a TV
I don't listen to the News
I don't choose to become a Slave Sheep to the media.

But I do go to my Facebook page to read all the wonderful positive posts  Friends put there.
I do have a Yahoo home page
So I can't help getting tied in to some things that 
fill the media.
Right now I'm seeing a great OUTRAGE
a Mass Anger towards some dude
named Sandusky.

Evidently he's some Pig
who abused a bunch of Kids
 while he was a coach somewhere.

OK, this is bad
it sucks

But I don't recall such a huge Media Created Outrage
at the hundreds or possibly thousands of Priests
who did the same thing.

And it makes me wonder.

I don't know if you all remember 
the day before the infamous

That day when the media created a conspiracy theory about some Middle Eastern Dudes supposedly
doing things
 like making impossible airplane moves
 into the World Trade Center.

And the day building 7
never hit by a plane
fell down into it's own footprint
leaving masses of  NanoThermite in the debris
The only substance known that could melt steel
as happened there
(and only available to our Government in that particular form.) 
Not unlike the Anthrax they used to scare us a few years before.
They had to kill the guy they eventually placed the blame on.
The day a Plane supposedly flew into the Pentagon
leaving a small hole that no plane
(but a missle)
could have passed through
and leaving no sign of an airplane in the wreckage..
Just one little piece found
from some other totally different plane.

Well if you remember this infamous day

do you remember the day before it

the day that Cheney, or Ashcroft
one of those evil demons
that surrounded and controlled the Idiot Bush,
made an announcment that,
"OOP's there seems to be a few TRILLION dollars
missing of Defense Money."

Nope, most folks don't remember this.
It was overshadowed by the intense emotional Reaction
to the Inside Job we've come to call 9/11.

HMM? I wonder how many Trillions it took to pull off 9/11?

So I'm wondering
aside from this Pervert Sandusky
doing what thousands of Priests have done before him did..

and the media and emotional storm all that created...

What that is really important happened on that day?

Did we do a sneak attack on Iran..?

Did we accidentally MURDER a few hundred Innocents 
in Iraq
or Afghanistan?

And come on media.....

How about some Perspective.

Yes the dude did nasty stuff and hurt a few
gullible young boys.

But come on 
we've MURDERED MILLIONS of innocent folks
in Iraq, Afganistan, and secretly in Iran..
To steal their resources
to feed a Lucrative War Machine
to make a very few Piggies
a lot Piggier than Sandusky
Richer and Richer.

A few damaged Boys ..
but what about the thousand or so folks who will die today from Pharmaceuticals, poison foods
tobacco and alcohol
all sanctioned by our Government.
I'm talking Dead
slow Painful drawn out Deaths
compared to a few damaged young men.

Let's get some perspective here. 

They want you to focus your anger on this one sick dude..

Because if you do

you won't be looking at the things that really matter..

Death and destruction 

some done in your name

with your hard earned Tax Dollars..

They don't want you angry that you are paying for murder

they don't want you thinking about that...

"Think about this one sick dude..

Focus on that.."

"Just never mind about all the rest..

Nice Little Sheepie..."

"Go back to sleep now and dream of Big Screen TV's.

AHH, that's better...

Sleepie Sheepie. "