A Classic Mistake

What is wrong with this Picture?

Lies embedded within Truth
Are the most Dangerous Kind.

Here is a chart I downloaded from Facebook..
Sounds good.
A lot of Healthy stuff on the Left
and Unhealthy stuff on the Right.

But there is some major mis-information here.


Is it another one of those Paid for by Dupont and Monsanto Pro Vegetarian Lies...

Or is it just another case of Ignorance
based upon emotional and mental misconceptions?

I'd like to believe it is the latter, 
even though those evil corporate giants
are putting Millions into a very Unhealthy Agenda
for whatever their perverted reasons.
I suppose to sell more  Unhealthy Grains..

But what Misconceptions can lead to the idea that liver and organ meats "Lower Vibration"?

First of all there is the prevalent idea
that being centered in the upper Chakras
is being,"more spiritual."

It isn't.

It is being ungrounded
generally spaced out
and disconnected from Life.

And to say it,"lowers vibration"
on one hand could be a correct statement,
as it pulls our energy Down into our bodies,
connects it to Our Planet
and everything upon it. 

But it is used above in a way that is meant to make us think that somehow it 
lessens our ability to be spiritual.

Thousands of years ago
the ...UMM
Helpers of the Race
set forth an idea for those folks on the outer edge of evolution
(you might say).
This was in a time when most folks 
were centered in their lower centers.
So suggestions were made to raise the Kundalini.

Certain drugs
Sweat Baths
Extreme Fasting
and a Vegetarian Diet 
were a few suggestions.

It was understood that something that loosened one's grip to Life
tended to give Mystical Visions
which would help shift the bodies energetic balance.

It wasn't really the best idea..

"All things in their Natural Time."

But this idea has carried into this day
and some religions (Essene's for example)
still believe it.

But here's the problem with that:

The Balance has shifted

Folks are more Ungrounded and disconnected these days,
(Because of  some reasons on the right side of that chart)
and simply because evolution 
has changed the Chakra Balance of Humanity.

"Civilized folks"
Tend to be very much in their Heads
very disconnected from the Planet 
where they are meant to be grounded.

There is another "spiritual misconception"
 that is prevalent these days.

Actually I've lived under it's misguided dictates for many lives,
and it's the idea that Spirituality is an escape from this world.
That we are here to Transcend the Physical..

That is bogus
a Lie.

We are here to find Balance
Between Earth and Sky
Between Upper Chakras
and Lower.

As I've said before,

"Humans are Omnivores".

When we forget that for our mental
and emotionally based ideas
 and generations to follow

Healthy Grass Fed Organic
Meat, Liver, and organ meats

as all indigenous connected populations understand...

and powerful
connect us to the Life of All 

and are necessary for optimal Health...

Which must be at the heart of any "Spiritual Practice".

Denying our own nature
because we are mentally and emotionally based
and disconnected from the truth of Life...

Will harm us all.

There are some very good things on the chart above...

Meditation is great.
But let your life be a Meditation..

And grounding is Great,

Yet if we are balanced
our energetic body expands beyond our physical body..
and down into the Earth.

I've seen 
actually not one Vegetarian whose energeetic body
wasn't disconnected from their Roots.
Almost always centered in an emotionally driven Head.
Swirling....and disconnected.

This isn't a spiritual state.

Not something to strive for.