The Magic of Disney

I've thought a lot about Disney World lately. Our kids love the Big Mouse. Some of my most amazing memories as a kid involve going for vacation to Disney. Magic Mountain scared my paints off. No matter how many times my uncle told me that it wasn't scary, I was terrified of roller coasters. Still true today - I close my eyes tight and pray I don't get sick on the Veggie Tales roller coaster at Dollywood! Yes, people, the kiddie version.

I remember It's a Small World. The little people singing in all of the costumes. All of a sudden, I felt like I was a little Dutch girl with blonde ponytails. But, my favorite of all was Peter Pan. Come on, who doesn't want to fly through the air like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell?

Then, I went back as an adult. I was in shock. Peter Pan was far from a smooth ride of wonder. It seemed to have lost it's luster, and the little people singing around the world was a wee bit creepy. What happened to the mystery of Disney?

What is it about this place that makes it so magical? Characters mysteriously appear on the streets as if they dropped from a fairy's wand. Mickey and all of his friends are larger than life. Everything is clean, beautiful, and perfect. It's a fairy tell where everything is as it should be.

So, why is real life not a fairy tale? Because we've not finished the story, friends. We're not there yet. The reality is that heaven is the only place where everything will be perfect. In the meantime, we get to walk alongside a Father who loves us so much that He let's painful things happen so His glory will be seen in our response to the circumstances. I don't know about you, but that is pretty darn magical.

The reality is that Disney still holds a magical place in my heart. It sparks imagination. It opens a sense of mystery and wonder in hearts.

My deepest prayer is that as my kids experience life that they carry in their hearts the One that is bigger than the Big Mouse....along with some sweet childhood memories of their own.