OOTD 5/28: To Cut or Not to Cut...

{Blazer: Jcrew, Top: Jcrew, Skirt: Jcrew, Belt: Jcrew, Wedges: Jcrew}

My hair is getting long friends. I noticed it today and am especially realizing it as the temperatures near 90 degrees. I always go back and forth about cutting my hair. I want it cut, but then after, I feel remorse. 

Getting a hair cut here is out of the question (at least for me). Don't get me wrong - there are good hairdressers here in Spain, but here they go by the system of "dedos" (fingers). So if I want three dedos (three fingers' length off my hair), I hold up my fingers and show her where I want it cut. Once this decision is made by me and communicated to the hairdresser, it is then the hairdresser's interpretation of my "dedos" illustration and what they'd liked to do with my hair. 

So, on behalf of my timidity and half on my lack of hair cuttery vocabulary, I'm going to hold off on the haircut for a little bit. Maybe my growing hair will just encourage me to learn how to braid well or find some cool hairstyles on Pinterest.